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All our bodies are different, and some people have a specific love for certain body parts. People who really love how labia look are said to have a labia fetish. Most commonly people with a labia fetish love large labia. This could be plump labia majora (which is what causes camel toe when wearing certain clothes, another fetish) or long labia minora that hang down outside the vulva. It might be that they love small, delicate, tucked away labia too. Don’t get hung up on how your labia look, there’s no one way they’re meant to be, they’re beautiful just like you!

 What is a labia fetish?

The labia are the fleshy lips of the vulva. Some people have small labia, both majora (outer) and minora (inner) others have large, hanging inner lips or big puffy outer lips or a mix of all these different shapes and sizes. Fetishists love labia, often preferring larger over smaller, but it is a person’s personal preference that wins out. It is the labia especially that turn on someone with this kind of fetish.

Do you have a labia fetish?

There is a difference between really liking something and having a fetish for it. A fetish involves being sexually aroused by that one particular thing. So if you are turned on by the sight of labia, large, small or plump then you may have a labia fetish.

Is labia fetish a medical fetish?

It is a fetish all of its own but does have cross overs with others like medical fetish, as you could use medical equipment to inspect them.

Can you use weights on the labia?

You can use weights to pull down labia, just like you would on nipples or even the clit. Just build up the weight slowly and only leave them on for a short time to avoid injury.

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