Baby Birding

Are you into baby birding?

It’s not just for the birds, baby birding

There’s something really sexy about sharing isn’t there? Sharing kisses, a bed and that last slice of cake, for example. It creates a bond between you and your loved one when you show you care and want them to be part of all you do. Baby birds are fed directly by their parents, food pre-chewed and easy for them to digest. That’s care and dedication for you! Baby birding is a way for a person to show their Dominance and their commitment to sharing the very food from their mouth - saving the receiver all the hard work of chewing!

What is baby birding? 

Baby birding is the act of taking pre-chewed food and offering it to another person. It can also mean transferal of a liquid from one person to another - this can be mouth to mouth but isn’t always.

Is baby birding safe?

All you are doing is transferring something that’s been in your mouth to someone else’s or vice versa. Baby birding has similar levels of safety to kissing. If you have any infection in your mouth or on your lips, you shouldn’t indulge in your desire to share your pre-masticated food until it’s fully cleared up.

How do I deal with my partner’s baby birding fetish?

It all depends on how you want to deal with it. However, it would help if you talked honestly with your partner about it, so you both know where you are with each other. Do you want to be involved but don’t get what they like about it? Ask questions. Establish your boundaries, and you can indulge in your partner’s fetish to a level you feel happy with. If it’s not something you find appealing, then that’s okay too. You just need to be honest with each other, so there are no secrets or worries.

Is baby birding the same as snowballing?

Baby birding is to do with food and drink, things a person needs for nourishment. Snowballing, however, is the process of transferring ejaculate from one mouth to another. Some may say cum is nutritious, but it’s not something you’d make a whole meal of. So baby birding and snowballing are different but related to each other. If you’re into one, you might enjoy the other but not necessarily so!

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