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Hair is one of the first things people notice about each other and is especially vital to hair fetishists. Some love long locks or specific colours, redheads, for example. But then there’s a hair fetish which feels like the very opposite of a love of hair - with it being an attraction to hair being shaven off and/or shaven heads. There’s often a power exchange element to this fetish, and it crosses over into BDSM territory as hair shaving can be used as a consensual and fun as well as a relatively extreme form of punishment or brand of ownership.

Is shaving your head attractive?

Do you want to do it? Do you think it’ll look good? Do you want to please someone with a headshave fetish? Those are the questions that matter. Everyone has different thoughts on what they find attractive; the only opinion on your own body that matters is yours. And even if you do dislike it, hair grows back!

How can I satisfy my headshave fetish?

It can be quite hard to find people willing to indulge in head shaving for fetish purposes. There are others out there, add headshave fetish to your profile and see who else is into the same kink you are. You can look up porn videos, or take videos when you shave a person’s head or when they shave it for you. Then you can recapture the moment while waiting for hair to grow back!

Why do few people have a headshave fetish?

A headshave fetish is a relatively rare fetish, probably because it’s not something often seen and is quite an extreme form of play if the fetish connects to a BDSM desire. There are many kinksters out there willing to find out more about your fetish, chat to others in our forums.

Is it OK to watch someone have their hair shaved?

If you're doing this as part of your headshave fetish, it's never okay to involve another person in your fetish or kink play if they aren't aware. If the people involved know, then it's okay. And of course, if you get aroused while at the hairdressers, that can't be helped! Just keep your arousal to yourself.

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    Some people choose to shave because they just like the feeling of smooth skin, others do it out of practicality but if it turns you on to shave your own hair off or to shave someone else you’ve probably got a shaving fetish. It could be that it’s one particular part of the body you like to shave or see shaven, such as the genitals, head or chest or it might be that you love the shaved look all over. No matter what depilation floats your boat, if shaving floats your boat you’ve got a shaving fetish and that’s awesome!
    There are a few ways that a person's hair can interact with various kinks and fetishes. People are often drawn to bright peroxide blonde hair, for example, while a lot of people find redheads instinctively attractive. Submissives into femdoms might look out for dark, glossy brunettes, while unnatural dyed colours can be appealing in age play or cg/l circles. Then there's hairstyle: pigtails, shaved heads and more unusual cuts have all been involved in a variety of fetishes before now! The most important thing of all, of course, is not to let your partner pressure you into changing your appearance in ways you're not happy with. If the thought of having them pick a hairstyle or dye colour for you fits in with how you want to do BDSM, then that's great - but if not, don't feel you need to change yourself just to please them.
    Hair pulling is one of those actions that can be highly irritating. Anyone who accidentally traps a strand of hair in a bobble and pulls will know how unpleasant it can be. However, during the heat of the moment it can be extremely sexy. An act that can show both dominance and passion, hair pulling can work both ways, Dominant and submissives can both enjoy it as part of primal, sexual play after all it’s called rough and tumble for a reason, right? Tugging and pulling on hair is all fun and games but make sure it’s all completely consensual.