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Hair pulling is one of those actions that can be highly irritating. Anyone who accidentally traps a strand of hair in a bobble and pulls will know how unpleasant it can be. However, during the heat of the moment it can be extremely sexy. An act that can show both dominance and passion, hair pulling can work both ways, Dominant and submissives can both enjoy it as part of primal, sexual play after all it’s called rough and tumble for a reason, right? Tugging and pulling on hair is all fun and games but make sure it’s all completely consensual.

 Is hair pulling in sex considered kinky?

As with everything, some people love it and some people hate it but it is seen as a way to add a little kinky fun to sex. If you want to incorporate it in play make sure you ask if it’s okay first as some people really don’t like it.

How is the best way to pull hair?

The best place to grab the hair is at the base of the neck, anywhere higher or lower can be much more painful but also it is the best place to grab to control movement. Make sure you grab a good chunk of hair too, as it’s more painful to grab a few strands and much easier to just pull the hair out of the head – not what you want at all.

Does it make me submissive if I enjoy having my hair pulled?

It can do, especially if you see it as being an expression of your partner’s power and control over you. However, it doesn’t have to be. Hair pulling can be quite primal and even dominant partners can enjoy it in part of rough sex, especially if they enjoy their partner fighting back a little bit.

How do I ask my partner to pull my hair during sex?

It can often be good to ask before you get into a sexual situation so you can discuss all aspects with a clear head. You could say you’d seen something on TV or on the internet or read a scene in a book that you found hot if you need a place to start that conversation. Share those with your partner and ask if they’re willing to give hair pulling a try. But remember if they say no, respect that. Consent is key.

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    My ideal match would have to be slim very attractive around 5ft or 6ft bloude or black hair and is into discipline and spanking but i am open to other fetish also. But also be a nice and careing person that respects each other.
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    PLEASE ONLY MESSAGE ME IF YOU HAVE READ AND COMPREHENDED MY ENTIRE PROFILE YOU LIVE LESS THAN AN HOUR FROM THE LANCASTERMANHEIM AREA YOU ARE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 32 AND 52 YOU ARE NOT ATTACHED IN ANY OTHER WAY NO CHILDREN OR CHILDREN HAVE FLOWN THE COUP YOU HAVE A DRIVERS LICENSE, CAR, MEANS OF INCOME, PLACE TO RESIDE (I am merely looking for someone with, at the very least, the same amount of adult responsibility that I have. I cannot believe that I have to request this, but the amount of people, my age and older that have none of those is astounding.) My tag line is pretty much how I wish to live my life, and is also a quote from one of my favorite movies. I have been involved within this lifestyle for all of my adult life about 20 years of experiences and as always, the journey has led me down many paths, and it is always ever changing. Im smart enough to know what I want and need, and open minded enough to know that I still have much to learn. I have become jaded with the lifestyle over my years of involvement, and perhaps I do have a bit of a chip on my shoulder. While I may identify as submissive on the lifestyle spectrum, it does not mean that I am this way with random internet strangers. Take the time to talk to me, show interest in wanting to know me, and the rest will follow. I am only seeking long term situations. I would, for the right match, make of them the axis that my world spins upon. I have been on the submissive end of the spectrum for the majority of my involvement in the lifestyle. Some of my happiest times were when I was involved in a 247live insubmissivegirlfriendwife. I have also experimented, and found a fondness, for the top end of the spectrum for situational play. This is usually just for play or fun. For me, it can almost be described as being a service top. For me, the lifestyle is so much more than the physical. For me the mental and connection is more important than the physical. I am NOT motivated or focused on sex and physical play. If you are only here to get your rocks off, please, just pass me by. On the physicalkink side of things, the activities I enjoy, in time with someone, range from flogging, cell popping, sensation play, orgasm torture, deep thuddy play, and especially on the top side - tease and denial. For non-kink interests... I am a taphophile at heart and am genuinely intrigued by, obsessed with, addicted to, have a strong appreciation and respect for etc. all things regarding taphophilia, death, dead things, mourning, grieving, cemeteries, etc. These interests CAN and DO filter over into my kink life in varying degrees. Always happy to talk more in private about them. I do have hobbies (addictions), inlcuding WoW (TaphNoir1200), horror movies, industrial and metal music, bellydancing (to industrial and metal music), reading, coloring, enjoying nature, crocheting, playing various boardcard games and am a VERY casual Magic The Gathering player. I have a strange sense of humor, use sarcasm as my second language and am a shining example of an introvert. Im also a hobbyist artist, mainly painting various whimsical things on stone, with a focus on dragon eyes. I am lightly tattooed, and have small gauges in both of my ears as well as a daith piercing. Yes, I am pale, chubby, freckled, crazy fuzzy chemo-hair regrowth, I have scars, I have health ailments, I have physical limitations for bondage, and am nowhere near the most gorgeous thing youll see. In saying these things I wish to get the physically focused, all about the look people out of the way. I also have a few health ailments including Diabetes, Intracranial Hypertension, and am currently in remission from Ovarian Cancer as of 3419. I am looking for a legit connection with someone for something long term and lasting. I have NO interest in hookups, merely play partners, etc. I look forward to any sincere messages.
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