Sex In Bed

Whatever the sex, a good bed helps

Sex in bed, the most comfy place to do it

Sex comes in many forms and many places - but of course the classic location is the bedroom. It can be easy to assume that if most of your sex takes place there you've got a little stuck in your ways - but honestly, when you think about it, a lot of the places we're told are great choices for getting down are massively overrated. Beds are comfortable, spacious, private and cosy, not to mention often come with plenty of handy ways to change up your angle or get yourself tied down! Adventurous escapades are great, of course, but let's not forget the simple pleasure of getting an early night with the right partner.

Is sex in bed boring?

It really doesn’t have to be! The bed is comfortable, large and perfect for sexy fun times. You can make it as exciting as you want!

Why have sex in bed?

Lots of reasons, including convenience. If you’re sleeping with a partner, pre-sleep sex is fun and morning wake up sex delightful. Also the bedroom is often where you keep all the adult toys, so you’ve got all your kit to hand. It might seem fun to have sex in unusual places, but sometimes it’s good just to have comfort!

How can we spice up sex in bed?

Beds can be great for using restraints. Tie your partner to the bedhead, or use cuffs or maybe invest in an under bed restraint kit. You can also use pillows and duvets to prop up your body in different positions, you don’t just have to lie down and take it! Use a Fluidproof sheet for messy fun, bring food into the foreplay, maybe a little wax play or even watersports. There’s lots of ways to get spicy in bed.

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Kissing seems like a big deal to us when we're teenagers, but as we grow older, it can start to lose a little of its mystique. It's a great shame because it's a wonderful way to build intimacy between partners, and without it, sex can start to feel a little impersonal. In a fetish context, there are plenty of ways to make kissing a part of your dynamic. Kissing someone who is tied up can add to the sensual feeling of helplessness, for example, while kissing a blindfolded person all over their body will keep them wanting more and make them unsure what to expect. It can also form an important part of aftercare, helping you to reconnect with your partner on a cosier level after an encounter that may have been quite emotionally intense.
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