Massage and aftercare for kinksters

Pamper your Dom or sub with a massage

Human beings thrive on touch, and an erotic massage is a great way to make use of that. For dominant partners, it can be a way to pamper and spoil your sub - as a reward for good behaviour, perhaps, or as a way of comforting and looking after them when they've had a hard day. For submissives, it can be an act of devotion and adoring service to your dominant. Either way, it's intimate and sexy - and it can be a wonderful way to lead into something a little more mutual! Massage can also form a valuable part of aftercare, particularly if one partner has maintained a stressful or difficult position for any length of time.

What is erotic massage?

A regular massage is used to relax and soothe or correct medical problems. An erotic massage is used to excite and arouse a partner by caressing their erogenous areas. It is often be used as foreplay to having sex.

How do you give an erotic massage?

Firstly you need to make sure your partner is comfortable and warm. This might mean propping up their ankles or knees (depending if they’re on their back or front) with pillows and turning up the heating. If you’re using massage oil warm it in your hands or try using the oil from a massage candle which is already warm. Rub in slow, purposeful movements, towards the heart. Don’t press too hard (unless your partner would enjoy a bit of pain with their pleasure) and vary the pressure from soft to firm. Remember to touch everywhere your partner is comfortable with. Feet, legs, back, stomach, arms are all lovely areas to massage as well as the obvious breasts, thighs and genitals. Take your time and have fun.

Is it okay to massage my sub as aftercare?

A good Dom always takes aftercare seriously. If your sub would enjoy a massage, then it would be a wonderfully intimate and erotic thing to do as an act of aftercare. It won’t make you any less Dominant, showing you care is essential for deeply connected BDSM play.

Can you use anything else but your hands in an erotic massage?

Well, a good place to start is your imagination! Use your lips (but before using any oils), your hair, your breasts or long as it feels good then go for it!

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