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There are a million ways to go down on someone, and one popular favourite for many is facesitting - where one person, usually (though not always) someone with a vulva, sits on their partner's face to be pleasured orally from underneath. Some fans simply enjoy the sensation; it's a pretty intense feeling, and the sitter is completely in control of things like speed and force in a way that makes it easier for a lot of people to climax. For others, though, this act of smothering is part of a BDSM dynamic and perhaps a kink in its own right. Fullweight facesitting comes with heavy overtones of control and domination, and can feel like a wonderful act of service from the person being sat upon.

Why is facesitting so awesome?

Also known as queening or kinging (depending on your identified gender) is, for many people, a kink in its own right and commonly practiced by those into smothering. It can also be a starting point to transition into a 69.

1. Tops or dominants will sit on the bottom’s face, forcing the bottom to perform oral sex/stimulation as a display of dominance or form of humiliation. It can also be used in breath play, better known as smothering. As with all kinky acts, it’s important to have safewords, verbal AND nonverbal, determined beforehand to make sure play follows the SSC and RACK principles.

2. The top is in control and this can be a great way to empower and boost confidence for anyone with body worries. The top can choose to tease the bottom, by dangling their tasty genitals just out of reach or use fullweight facesitting as a form of domination.

3. The bottom gets to see, smell, feel and taste it all!

Lesbian facesitting is a common search on Google, but the truth of the matter is that many people, of all genders and sexual orientations, enjoy this kink, so why not give it a go?

Do you need special furniture for facesitting?

Need? No, but there are options. In general you can kneel over your partner’s face and that will get you the desired affect, but if you’re planning a longer session or have joint problems it might be worth investing in some BDSM equipment designed specifically for facesitting.

1. Smotherbox: Is for the more ‘hardcore facesitters’. The bottom’s head fits into the box, much like the torture device - stocks, and cannot be removed unless the top decides to. This is a great device for those who have torture kinks and enjoy sensory deprivation and immobility.

2. Queening/kinging stool: This can be a lifesaver for those of us who can’t kneel for long periods of time. It’s a low stool that supports the top as they sit over the bottom. It also helps to expose the top’s genitalia and anus so the bottom can service them better, plus the bottom gets a better view!

Sit on my face and tell me that you love me! - Gracie Fields ‘Sing As We Go’

Is facesitting only for Dominants?

It’s quite clear, usually in a facesitting scene who is in control. However, the person underneath could have the power and control if they want to. Using taps to get the seated submissive to lift up and deny themselves the pleasure is a way to show control even when underneath. This could be a particularly cruel/fun way to play with orgasm control and/or denial.

My sub loves me sitting on his face, how can I add pain?

Administering a beating, whipping or flogging so that the sub’s bottom, back and/or thighs are very sore before getting the to lie down will definitely give them pain as well as pleasure. You could use a chastity device to keep them aware of your control, some of them can be quite painful when a person is aroused too. Of course, you can always just tease them with the promise of face sitting without giving them the pleasure. Crouch over their face or use a queening stool to show them what they’re missing. Maybe you can masturbate over their face but don’t let them touch you. Let your sadist streak run wild!

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