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Ahh, yes, sex on the washing machine: a staple of a thousand sitcoms. It can be a little tricky to pull off in real life, but if your washing machine happens to be correctly situated it can add some interesting vibrations to the proceedings. Fucking isn't the only use for it, however: it's also the right height for bending over to try out a little spanking. Just make sure you're being careful, you're securely balanced and you aren't about to get walked in on!

Is it possible to have washing machine sex?  

It is, if your washing machine is free standing and not built in, if there’s no low shelf above it and you’re somewhere you can enjoy sex without being walked in on. Of you fancy a little extra rumble, give it a go.

What is the best position for washing machine sex?

You can sit on the machine and have your partner stand in front of it (you may need them to stand on something to reach) or you can bend over the machine and do it doggy style. Both capture the vibrations well. Have a go and find the best variation for you.

When is the best time for washing machine sex?

Just before the spin cycle kicks in so you get maximum vibration. It’s worth doing a bit of research and seeing when the spin cycle starts so you can time things just right for maximum vibrations. It might feel a bit weird timing your washing machine’s spin cycle but if you’re going to enjoy the washing machine’s vibrations you might as well get the best rumbles you can.

Does the washing machine vibration cause better orgasms?

Vibrations are definitely good and combine them with hot sex (whether solo or with someone else) and you’ve got potential for very hot orgasms indeed!

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