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There are two kinds of people: those who masturbate sometimes, and those who are lying about it.

While this might not be strictly true (there's an exception to every rule, after all) it's a pretty sound assumption in most cases. Pretty much everyone masturbates now and then, and so they should: it's a natural, healthy way to enjoy your own body and to figure out what you're interested in as a sexual person.

Is masturbation healthy?  

Jerking off is a time honoured tradition for all genders. Ever notice how you feel relaxed after you cum? That’s your happy brain chemicals releasing and lowering your stress levels. Over the years, cultural and religious philosophies have varied in their opinions as to who’s allowed to wank, if, when and why. Science used it to ‘cure manic or depressive women’ in the 19th century (we have steam powered vibrators to thank for that) and so on.

Here are just a few benefits of masturbation:
- Release sexual tension and stress
- Better sleep
- Improve self-esteem
- Strengthens the pelvic floor and anal muscles

So in short, the old myth that your granny told you, ‘you’ll go blind if you masturbate too much’ is in effect a bit pile of BS. Unless of course, you stare directly at the sun while you’re doing it you're kind of safe. But do your research, talk to doctors and psychologists, your friends might be just as clueless as you so perhaps not.

Don’t forget about the benefits of mutual masturbation either! Having a wank with your partner(s) can be sexy as hell, and a fantastic way to learn what each other likes and dislikes. Because let’s face it, you know your naughty bits the best so why not show your partner(s) how you like it?

Masturbation in a relationship

You'll sometimes meet people who feel slighted by the idea that their sexual partners masturbate. This is a pretty unhealthy way to think: it's not the same as having sex with a partner and it's not reasonable to dictate how someone can touch their own body.

Masturbation is also frequently a great part of partnered sex, of course! A little self-love can keep you ticking over while you're doing something for your partner at the same time--or make a fantastic addition to the stimulation they're giving you.

Can you use a vibrator to masturbate too much?

There is a myth that using a vibrator to masturbate can desensitise you, it’s not true at all. If you get used to using a particular vibrator to attain orgasm, you may then find it a little harder to come using a different method but your clit is just as sensitive as it’s always been. Orgasm is as much mental as it is physical. So if you love to get off with your wand, then you do that as often as you like. Orgasms are always good.

How can I use masturbation in a BDSM scene?

Mutual masturbation is hot, as is having someone watch you wank. You can use masturbation in all kinds of BDSM scenes. A Dom can order a sub to masturbate but not to come without permission. You can tease a sub by tying them up and wanking in front of them, so they can only watch and not touch. There are lots of ways to incorporate it into your BDSM play.

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    A vibrating male masturbator, masturbation machines are the male equivalent of fucking machines. Instead of having a dildo attached they have a masturbation sleeve. There are various sizes and shapes with all kinds of motors and are incredibly powerful and completely hands free too. The masturbation aids are made to resemble female genitalia to simulate PIV sex or anal sex, or like mouths to give the feelings of oral sex. There are different kinds of movements to simulate different sexual play. Some vibrate only, others thrust or do both at the same time. There are different sizes and types from commercial to bespoke made to fit the size of your pocket.
    Adorable comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates have a song the chorus of which begins with "Hand-job, bland-job, I-don't-understand-job". It's a reasonable point: giving a handjob can be a bit daunting for people who don't themselves have penises, particularly because a lot of people who do have learned over the years that they're probably better off doing it themselves! The good news is that this is surmountable. If you are yourself possessing of a penis, spend some time figuring out what you like and don't be afraid to ask for it clearly. If you're the one trying to give the handjob, remember that everyone is different and make a point of asking your partner what they like the most.
    If you enjoy being controlled in other ways, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy climax control as well; having your partner take control of your orgasms. It's a deep, primal loss of self-determination that massively enhances any kinky dynamic, and it's something that comes up in the overwhelming majority of BDSM agreements. Orgasm control takes many forms: some people use chastity devices to enforce it, while others rely on willpower alone. For many devotees it centres around the submissive partner not being allowed to climax without first asking for and being given permission by the dominant partner - and knowing that they risk punishment should they transgress.