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A vibrating male masturbator, masturbation machines are the male equivalent of fucking machines. Instead of having a dildo attached they have a masturbation sleeve. There are various sizes and shapes with all kinds of motors and are incredibly powerful and completely hands free too. The masturbation aids are made to resemble female genitalia to simulate PIV sex or anal sex, or like mouths to give the feelings of oral sex. There are different kinds of movements to simulate different sexual play. Some vibrate only, others thrust or do both at the same time. There are different sizes and types from commercial to bespoke made to fit the size of your pocket.

 What is a masturbation machine?

A masturbation device designed to go around the penis, these machines vibrate, thrust or a combination of both to bring a person to orgasm without use of the hand.

How do you use a masturbation machine safely?

It is always advisable to read the instructions you receive first, for any specific safety rules to follow for your particular model of masturbation machine. With anything that vibrates or thrusts and uses a synthetic material it is advised to use lube and lots of it. Make sure you always start off at a lower setting and work your way up to more powerful ones.

Are all masturbation machines big and loud?

Not all of them are large, mains-powered units, some are smaller, handheld battery driven machines. You can chose which you prefer depending on your needs.

What other ways can you use a masturbation machine?

They can be used by couples for lots of orgasm torture and orgasm denial fun. You could combine restraint with the use of a masturbation machine with a trusted partner who knows your reactions so they won’t bind you too tightly. A masturbation machine is fantastic for solo play too, but they don’t need to just be for that.

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