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Many people enjoy the sensation of flagellation, and a lot of submissives will tell you that the flogger is their preferred method of impact play. They come in an enormous range of weights and materials and can be as harsh or as sensual as you fancy. They can take a bit of getting used to from the perspective of the wielder, so it's well worth doing a little advance practice and honing your flogging technique before you begin. The gamut of floggers runs all the way from soft suede to sharp-edged leather, meaning that there's something for everyone - no matter what your preferences and pain threshold.

How to use a flogger?

Floggers can be used for sensation play, simply by running the ends over a person’s body. It can also be used for flogging and flagellation by holding the handle and hitting with the falls. This can be done single-handedly, or you can double-up with two floggers, often called Florentine flogging.

How to choose a flogger

There are many kinds of floggers, some give a heavy, thuddy flogging, others are more stingy. Choose the material carefully. Be sure to pick a flogger that feels good in your hand. You need to be able to grip the handle firmly and if you are choosing poi floggers, be sure the hoops don’t dig into your fingers. Measure the weight; as there's no point in buying floggers that are too heavy to give a good flogging.

Safety tips for using a flogger

Floggers can be used on fleshy areas of the body, including the back and shoulders. However, be sure not to strike where bones lay, as this can be dangerous as well as painful. Be sure never to strike where major organs are, and be especially careful to keep strikes to the buttocks only and not any higher as this is where the kidneys are. When using a flogger, be sure to stand far enough away, so the falls don't wrap around the hips and ribs, as this is very painful and not in a fun way!

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    In the words of the immortal Rihanna, "sticks and stones may break my bones - but chains and whips excite me". Whipping isn't quite as common a BDSM practice as the uninitiated might imagine (whips are unwieldy implements and difficult to use well; crops, canes, paddles and floggers are all far more usual) but it definitely has its fans. Bullwhips are occasionally to be seen in fetish clubs, and masochists who enjoy sharp sting-type pains are likely to have fun at the end of them. Enjoy the cracking noise when you hear it--it's a sign that you're breaking the sound barrier!
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