Using straitjackets for BDSM play - here's what you need to know

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Much like stocks, a straitjacket is a symbol of another era that has found its home in BDSM. They're wonderfully restrictive in a way that almost nothing else is, and they can give a sensation of full-body-binding that's as comforting as it is restrictive. Their aesthetics are also appealing to many BDSM fans, associated as they are with an intense power dynamic and a total loss of control in just about every way imaginable. They're often not cheap, but they're available for purchase from many BDSM retailers and most are adjustable to fit a wide range of body types and sizes.

 What is a straitjacket?

A straitjacket is a garment made of strong material with long arms that can be wrapped around the body and secured, keeping the person inside restricted and unable to use their arms. It is often associated with psychiatric patients as it used to be used to prevent violent mental patients from hurting themselves or others.

How do you use a straitjacket?

Straitjackets are a simple piece of BDSM equipment. The submissive wears it, and the dominant tightens the straps. It leaves the submissive unable to move their upper body at all making it an easy-to-use item for bondage play."

Are straitjackets safe to use?

As long as the person restrained is watched at all times, straitjackets are safe to use. The person using a straitjacket can be vulnerable to falling as they can’t use their hands to break a fall, so any dominant should make sure they won’t be able to slip or fall if in an upright position. "

Why is it called a straitjacket?

The word ‘strait’ means narrow or confined. A person inside a jacket of this kind is confined in a way that narrows their body, and that is why it’s called a straitjacket.

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Similar to Straitjackets

Many people who enjoy restrictive sensations crave the feeling of being immobilised, and there's no better way of doing that than a bondage body bag. They're available from a wide range of BDSM retailers, and they're one of the most complete and restrictive forms of full-body bondage available. The most important safety consideration with them is to ensure that the wearer is continuously supervised - it's not safe to leave someone so helpless alone for even a moment, as any number of things could occur. If you have that covered, though, wearing a bag like this can be a fantastically sensuous and comforting experience.
Much of BDSM is psychological, and there's an undeniable appeal to the stereotypes of ye olde worlde corporal punishment. Bondage stocks are inherently a tool of both humiliation and confinement - two of the most important components of many people's kinks. While you won't find them in many town squares these days, they're available in the playspaces of many kink clubs and can be bought from a wide range of specialised sex toy stores. They can also be made relatively straightforwardly DIY style with some carved wood and a sturdy hinge, though for obvious reasons it's important to make sure you've sanded your wood as thoroughly as possible!
Bondage sleepsacks are not unlike sleeping bags, with one significant difference - they zip up to the neck. Sleepsacks are almost entirely restrictive, and you'll need assistance to get yourself into and out of them, which makes them a particular favourite of people whose tastes in bondage run to the immobilising. While your mouth is of course still free, the rest of you won't be, and this makes them a fantastic mind-fuck, and a great thing to experiment with if you like the idea of being restrained and restricted as much as possible. They're comfortable enough for extended use, and some fans love to spend the whole night in them!