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All you need to know about a human pony harness for pet play

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Petplay is a common kink, and ponyplay is one of its most widespread forms. The fetish comes primarily from the idea that ponies are controlled, bridled, cared for and ridden; ponyplay is a great way for a submissive to really feel their place and role. Most pony players have a specialised 'pony harness', designed to mimic the harnesses used on actual ponies but adapted specifically for the human anatomy. These harnesses usually include a headpiece, a bit gag and some kind of bridle and reins arrangement; they may also come with a saddle, to allow the submissive to be 'ridden', or something to help attach the harness to a pullable cart.

 What is a human pony harness?

Pony play is a popular version of pet play, where a submissive is dressed up and behaves like a pony. As part of this a harness, that restricts the body is often use. Usually made of leather to mimic real pony harnesses they add a real authentic look to pony play.

How to use a human pony harness?

These are fantastically easy to use as it’s just a case of putting them on and buckling it into place. The restraint of the harness helps the submissive find the headspace of a pony as it will hold them rigidly in place. Be sure not to over tighten straps and release the submissive immediately if any signs of circulation loss become apparent.

Can you use a human pony harness on its own?

It is possible to use the human pony harness on its own but it is more likely to be used in conjunction with other pony play equipment, such as a bridle and bit for example or a horsehair tail.

Is a human pony harness only used for pony play?

Because the harness is decorative, and gives the wearer a pleasant constricted feeling, a human pony harness can be used for all kinds of BDSM play. Chains and rope can be attached to the harness, making it a perfect base for all kinds of bondage games.

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