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Gags come in many shapes and sizes. Funnel gags are not amongst the most common types, but they're invaluable to people who are into a few specific kinks. The most obvious of these is water sports, as a funnel gag makes some parts of that kink easier to practice! Those involved in feedism and fat fetishism also sometimes enjoy using them as part of the weight gain aspects of their kink. If you'd like to experiment with funnel gags, make sure to buy quality and experiment first--you could choke a sub if you make a mistake, so do your research and practice with care.

What is a funnel gag?

This type of gag has a funnel and hose that leads into the mouth keeping it open to receive any fluid the Dominant choses to pour into it. It generally has straps that go all around the head to keep it in position.

Why use a funnel gag?

Any other gag is unsuitable for any kind of forced (pre-consented) consumption play. A funnel gag not only keeps the mouth open, it provides a way to make sure the liquid gets into the sub’s mouth and only the sub’s mouth and is designed to minimise the chance of choking.

How safe is a funnel gag to use?

As with any gag, a safeword action should be agreed before play. Maybe clenching and flexing a fist or dropping a ball or a bell so that the Sub can communicate if anything is going wrong. The Dominant pouring liquid into the funnel must be careful not to fill it too fast, as there is a high risk of the sub choking if too much liquid is fed through at once.

Is it all about water sports?

Funnel gags are often associated with water sports but they aren’t used exclusively for this. It is often use in feedism too. As it gives the Dominant complete control over what the submissive consumes.

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