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Gagging for a ring gag?

Ring gags are unique in that, while they still remove the wearer's ability to use their mouth as they usually would, they leave a few other options wide open. The ring-shaped opening means that a submissive wearing one of these gags can still be put to good use for giving oral sex or playing watersports-related games--all the while being unable to speak, make much noise or regain control over their mouth. Like other gags, they come in a variety of materials including rubber, metal and plastic--and they're available at many different price points. Just take care not to cause choking, and always arrange a nonverbal safeword before the gag goes on. Cover photo: wyldenkinky.

What is a ring gag?

A ring gag is a specific gag that has a round hole in the middle. The ring is metallic and can be covered in softer materials. They come in different sizes and fasten with adjustable straps.

What does a ring gag look like?

The defining feature of this type of gag is the round ring that is designed to sit in the submissive’s mouth. The ring is often metallic but can be covered in material to make it softer for the wearer. Either side of the ring will be an adjustable strap that fastens behind the person’s head. Once in place, it keeps the mouth open.

How to use a ring gag safely?

Before using the gag establish a non-verbal safeword so that the person wearing the gag can communicate if they’re in distress and need to be released. When inserting anything into the gag, and therefore the submissive’s mouth, be aware of what you are doing. Don’t block the airways, or the sub could pass out and be careful that no small pieces could get lodged in their throat.

Why use a ring gag?

Unlike other gags, the ring gag leaves the sub’s mouth open for all kinds of different play such as blow jobs and watersports for example. Just like other gags, the presence in the sub’s mouth will make them drool excessively. This, combined with forcing their mouth open (consensually of course) can then be used for humiliation play too.

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