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Many people enjoy the sensation of being gagged, but because everyone's mouth is a different size and shape it can be tricky for some people to find a gag that truly keeps them from speaking or pushing it out. Inflatable gags are one way around this problem. They can be inflated to any size and they conform to the shape of the mouth they're in as they're blown up, making them a brilliant choice for the submissive who truly desires to have the use of their mouth restricted as much as possible. Most are made from latex or rubber, making them more durable and helping to protect them against being bitten.

What is an Inflatable gag?  

Fastening like any other gag, with straps around the back of the head, the outstanding feature of the inflatable gag is that it can be pumped up to whatever size you like, to completely fill the wearer’s mouth.

How to use an inflatable gag safely?

As with any gag, be sure that the submissive who is wearing it can breathe. Don’t use if the sub has a cold or anything else that prevents them breathing fully through their nose. Make sure the straps aren’t too tight by inserting fingers down between the strap and the wearer’s head. This is especially important as when the gag inflates, it will put more pressure on the straps and you don’t want them to be digging in.

Why use an inflatable gag?

An inflatable gag can be altered all the way through a scene, depending what you want to do with your sub/bottom. It can be inflated to completely fill the submissive’s mouth and completely muffle all sound. You can do this all in one action or increase the size little by little. They can be used in conjunction with ring gags. This means the sub can’t close their mouth to stop the gag inflating. They are completely under the Dominant’s control.

Can an inflatable gag be used for breath play?

Yes, it can be. If you hold the wearer’s nose closed, they won’t be able to breath. Take all precautions that you usually would with breathe play though! And inflatable gag is a good way to ensure they can’t breathe at all through their mouth.

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