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Kinksters wanting to add something more to their bondage play have been hooked by a devious and simple device: the anal hook. Simply made out of stainless steel, this hook has a ball at one end to insert into the anus of any willing sub and an O ring at the other end to tie rope to. This can then be tied to another part of the sub’s body or to a hard point. Any movement then makes the hook slide deeper, causing discomfort. Perfect if you need to keep a submissive still, always use lube and only use an anal hook if you have experience with rope.

What is an anal hook?

Made out of stainless steel, this hook is shaped like a J. One end has a ball in it, to be inserted into the submissive and the other end has an O ring on it to secure rope to.

How to use an anal hook safely?

Before using one of these hooks, you need to be experienced using rope. It’s very important that the anal hook is well secured so it doesn’t go too far inside the submissive.

Make sure the hook itself is completely smooth, as any dints or scratches could cause scratches and grazes in a very sensitive and intimate place not only causing pain but the possibility of infection.

As with any anal play make sure you use plenty of lube and pick wisely the size of ball on the end of your hook, so that the submissive will be able to insert it without trouble.

After use you can wash your hook with hot soapy water to keep it clean. Please don’t use anything abrasive, as you want to keep the surface smooth.

Why use an anal hook?

When an anal hook is inserted, the submissive wants to stay really still because any movement moves the hook inside them which is uncomfortable. So therefore using such hooks for any kind of stillness training is ideal.

It can be used during sex to intensify sensations for all partners involved and also used as part of predicament bondage too. Tie the hook to your sub’s head or wrists and they will end up torturing themselves!

What is the best anal hook for beginners?

These are not recommended to anyone who doesn’t have a decent knowledge of rope. However, if you have that but not so much experience with anal toys then it’s recommended to go for a hook with a smaller ball. You can also buy ones with exchangeable ends, so once the submissive is comfortable with one size ball fitting you can move up to another!

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