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Medplay or Medical Play is common all through the kink world, and much of it has a slightly anachronistic feel - harking back to the days when some medical professionals would restrain their patents in ways we would now usually consider inhumane. This can include the use of straitjackets, someone being tied down onto a bed or inside a padded cage, or certain kinds of medical gags and speculums. High-quality medical restraints are often at the more expensive end of bondage equipment when compared with cuffs and rope, but they tend to be highly effective, and the aesthetics of them are undeniable to their fans!

How to use medical restraints safely? 

Medical restraints are designed to hold the patient still. So when you’re playing with them be sure not to have them too tight, you don’t want to cut off circulation. If you’re using gags, make sure the person can breathe easily and also arrange an alternative to a safe word. Such as dropping something from their hand or a certain pattern of grunts.

Why use medical restraints?

These restraints are designed to be tough wearing, so ideal for anyone who enjoys a bit of struggle with their bondage. Of course there’s a great appeal for fans of medical play, as the restraints have a hospitalisation feel to them. They’re perfect for medical play. But also they’re designed to last a long time and be easy to use. No need to learn any knots or to get tangled up in lengths of rope, medical restraints tend to just have simple buckle fastenings.

Are medical restraints just used in medical play?

There is of course a definite connection between medical play and these kinds of specialised restraints. However, they can be used in all kinds of BDSM play. Items such as straitjackets can give a whole body bondage feel, strong leather medical restraints are long wearing and a good investment for any bondage loving kinkster.

Where to start with medical restraints?

As these items are definitely a big investment you want to make sure you pick the perfect item for you. Generally, a set of strong, leather restraints will be a good place to start as they can be used for all kinds of bondage play. Pick ones that you like the look and feel of, as well as checking their durability. If you’re wanting a specific item such as a straitjacket, make sure to get one that works for you. This might mean getting an item bespoke made for your body to get the right, restricting fit for you.

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Many people love a bit of sexualised roleplay, and medical situations are a pretty common theme in a lot of folk's fantasies. Doctors, nurses, patients and hospitals are all the subject of any number of sexy imaginary scenarios--and while you woudn't want situations like this to arise in real life, they can be an incredibly hot fantasy to act out in the privacy of your own relationship or bedroom! Medical play is actually a very common and highly varied kink. Fans of the fetish often own plenty of leather and latex, enjoy dressing up in fetishised versions of medical uniforms, and get a big kick out of play that involves various medical accoutrements such as pinwheels, enemas, tongue depressors and metal gags.
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