Ball Crusher

Into ball crushing?

All you need to know about ball crushers and how to use them for pleasure and pain

Cock and ball and other genital torture is a popular kink, and there are lots you can do to cause pain to someone's delicate and tender genitals. You don't necessarily need any equipment for genital torture, but there is equipment available to make the process easier and possibly even more fun. The ball crusher is one such piece of equipment made to give the Dominant options on how to crush and manipulate their submissive's tender junkβ€”an aid to grabbing the bull by the balls, so to speak! Safely, of course, but not necessarily gently, you need a little pain with your pleasure, right?

What is a ball crusher?

Made of acrylic or metal, they have two plates that are screwed together that can be adjusted to accommodate the scrotum.

How does a ball crusher work?

The two plates of a ball crusher are held together by several screws. You loosen these off to put the device around the person's balls and then tighten them up to apply even pressure onto the scrotum. How tight you go depends on how much pain is felt.

How do you use a ball crusher safely?

It's essential to go slow when applying pressure, this way you can judge how much pain the person can take and you're not going to tighten it too much and cause damage. Make sure that you can release the mechanism quickly if a person is in too much pain and ensure that safewords are in place.

Can you use a ball crusher on your own?

It is possible to use a ball crusher on yourself. Just be extra cautious with your safety as you will be the one who has to remove it if the pain gets too much! Make sure you have a phone to hand in case of emergency and don't hesitate to call the emergency services if you get into trouble. Safety first!

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