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Genitorture is an aspect of pain play that focuses on the genitals. CBT - or 'cock and ball torture' - is probably the most widely discussed form of genital torture, but any and all genital configurations can be tortured. Popular options include zippers made from clothes pegs and string, clamps and clips, spanking and beatings or the use of candlewax. Safety is of course doubly important in this particular area. Genitals are delicate things, and need a little extra TLC. You can play safely by discussing boundaries in advance even more than usual, paying extra attention to the submissive's pain threshold. Make it clear that communication via a safeword is often expected in a scenario like this rather than some super serious worst-case-scenario.

What is genital torture?

Inflicting pain on the genitals for the purpose of pleasure. This can be done by the use of floggers and spankers or clamps or hot wax. There are a lot of different ways to be wicked to genitalia of all kinds and sometimes just talking about it is torture enough in itself!

Is genital torture the same as CBT?

CBT or Cock and Ball Torture is a kind of genital torture that focuses on the penis and testicles. It often includes clamps and sometimes involves electric but can be slapping, biting and pinching too.

Does genital torture have to be extreme?

As with any BDSM activity, it’s up to you. There are all different levels of pain you can inflict on genitals but you should only ever experiment with ones that you’re comfortable with.

Is genital torture safe?

There are risks associated with this kind of play. Be sure not to leave clamps on for too long, or to leave weights attached for a long time. Make sure you don’t cut off circulation and don’t use heavy, hard hits to genitalia. Make sure you constantly communicate with your play partner and if there’s any numbness or sharp pain stop immediately. If the genitals change colour ie turn blue stop play immediately.

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Genital bondage provides unique and fascinating sensations, particularly for people with testicles and penises. Testicular bondage can be part of enforced chastity, an aspect of genital torture or simply a way to stimulate and include the testicles in your play. Some people find that testicular bondage helps them to control and enhance their orgasms, too. There are devices available designed specifically for this purpose, but it's entirely possible to simply use rope - though you need to be extremely careful not to cause damage! Do your research in advance and learn how to play safely, effectively and for the best sensations you can find.
In the words of the immortal Rihanna, "sticks and stones may break my bones - but chains and whips excite me". Whipping isn't quite as common a BDSM practice as the uninitiated might imagine (whips are unwieldy implements and difficult to use well; crops, canes, paddles and floggers are all far more usual) but it definitely has its fans. Bullwhips are occasionally to be seen in fetish clubs, and masochists who enjoy sharp sting-type pains are likely to have fun at the end of them. Enjoy the cracking noise when you hear it--it's a sign that you're breaking the sound barrier!
There's more than one 'official' definition of what the letters in BDSM stand for, and plenty of people don't agree on their exact usage! However you use the term, though, it's a catch-all way of describing a whole bunch of kinks and fetishes that are more common than many people imagine: bondage and impact play, sadism and masochism, domination and submission. Safety, consent and respect for boundaries are all key in the practice of BDSM, and it's vital to negotiate properly with your partners before getting into anything heavy-handed. Thankfully it's not so hard to learn - most places around the world have their own BDSM communities that are only too happy to take in newbies and help them learn the ropes.