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Everyone enjoys a bit of the hot stuff, right? Be that steamy sex or a spicy curry, but fire play takes this love to a whole other level. We were taught from a young age not to mess around with matches, and we were taught to respect fire and rightfully so. A lot of kinks and fetishes develop from a fascination with things we're not allowed to do when we're young, and that could explain why people love fire play. Flames are usually not to be touched, but fire play encourages you to get up close and personal with fire. Does playing with fire, quite literally, get you hot under the collar?

What is fire play?

Fire play covers any play where a flame is involved. It includes things such as the use of flash cotton, fire cupping and fire flogging or whipping, amongst other things. It is often used during BDSM play.

What does fire play mean?

Fire play is a catch-all term for any fetish activity where a flame is involved in some way. It's a subsection of temperature play. For anything to be deemed fire play, contact with an open flame is needed.

Is playing with fire safe?

It's never safe, but you can play with it in a way to minimise the risks. Following RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) rules is a must. Fire safety needs to be paramount. A fire blanket and fire extinguisher should be on hand, and there should be a spotter who knows how to use them while watching your fire play. Also, have a phone nearby to contact emergency services if needed. Ensure everyone understands the procedure if someone gets burned or mishaps occur. Bottom line, always do thorough research before trying fire play, to be sure you know all the risks involved.

Is wax play the same as fire play?

No. While a flame is involved in wax play; the difference is that the flame isn't brought into contact with flesh, only the hot wax.

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