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Castration play is not for everyone and definitely sits at the more extreme end of the fetish scale! It might only be 'play' within a BDSM context, but it involves plenty of risk for the person whose testicles are being restricted. It may be that you want to take your pony play to a whole new level or perhaps you're just a slave who wants to concentrate on nothing but your Dominant's pleasure and to do so you want to remove your libido. Castration play is all about intense fantasies and extreme pain.

What is castration play?

Castration is the removal of testicles in animals and used to remove aggressive behaviour connected to libido in some animals such as horses, dogs and cats (also known as neutering). Castration play imitates the process of removing a person's testicles.

Does castration play hurt?

Yes, it can. It depends on precisely the kind of play you are doing, though. If you like the thought but don't have the pain tolerance for genital torture, then maybe you could create the fantasy with words instead of actions. Castration play is generally thought of as an extreme form of BDSM play because of the pressure put on the scrotum.

Is castration play safe?

t's a risky kink that is often categorised as a kind of edge play. If you're stopping blood flow to an area of the body (testicles in this case), then it's a hazardous kind of play that shouldn't be practised for an extended period. Use of items such as Elastrator, Burdizzo or emasculator needs extra caution - and don't use anything you're not confident in using. Instead, the suggestion is to use these as fear play items, so you show them as if you will use them but then swap out for more bondage approved items (such as cock rings and cock cages for example) for the actual procedure. Castration play is often done while the receiver is in bondage, so be sure that any restraints aren't too tight and that the receiver won't hurt themselves if they wriggle and resist during the play procedure.

How can I make castration play feel more authentic?

A lot of BDSM is in the mind, so use it to your advantage. Talk about the procedure, maybe let the receiver know what's involved before you even start play - or explain what you're doing as you go along to build anticipation. You could use implements you might see in an actual castration (or a horror movie version if that's your thing) to show the bottom - then transfer to something else before you touch them. An example is presenting a super sharp knife, then using a blunt implement against the testicles.

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