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Electro sex stimulation - more commonly referred to as simply 'electrosex' - refers to the use of any sex toys or kink implements that have an electrical current.The most common electrosex toy is probably the violet wand, though there are plenty of others. The one thing all electrosex toys tend to have in common is that they provide a uniquely stimulating sensation: nothing feels like them, and there's no other way to get that 'buzz'. Many of these toys are safe to use in many ways and on many parts of the body, though you must of course always read the instructions thoroughly before you begin!

What is electrosex? 

Also known as electrostim, it is using electrical currents for erotic purposes, this can come in a variety of ways including TENS machines and violet wands.

TENS is often use by medical professionals to relieve pain but can also be used to give pain as well as pleasant, erotic sensations. They come with lots of attachments varying from generic pads to specific toys designed for sex play.

A violet wand applies low current, high voltage, high-frequency, electricity to the body and is used by gently moving over the skin, it can leave red marks like sunburn so need to be used carefully to avoid any serious damage.

Is electrosex safe?

Yes, but as with all kink play you need to know what you’re doing and thoroughly read all instructions and so some research before playing. There are risks, even a risk of death, but if you follow the rules and use the toys safely, you minimise these risks.

Can everyone use electrosex toys?

Most people can but there are exceptions. If you are epileptic, have a pace maker or heart problems or you are pregnant you should not indulge in electric play.

Is electrosex just violet wands?

Violet wands are popular with people who enjoy electro sex but if you don’t like them, try out TENS play, it’s completely different!

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A violet wand glows, buzzes and hums and even has its own particular smell. It is designed to give static electric shocks. There are two kinds of violet wand, the mechanical and solid state. The solid state is best for most people, though more advanced users may prefer the double power of the mechanical machines. The electrodes (glass implements) are what give the violet wand its name as they glow a bright purple colour and look like a wand. When run over the skin they produce electric shocks. The wider the head the gentler the shock, so go for small heads for maximum pain!
Nipples are sensitive parts of the body and respond strongly to stimulation. Some people really love all kinds of nipple play. From soft, gentle stroking to nipple clamps there’s bound to be some kind of nipple play for you to enjoy. There’s no need for special equipment, pinching, licking, stroking and biting are great ways to indulge in nipple play. But if you want to get really into it, you could use clamps or suckers or if you’re a fan of pain, staples or needles through the nipple can be fun. It all counts as nipple play, so you have plenty to explore and enjoy.
Fans of sensation play with a bit of a bite will want to look into vampire gloves. Usually made of leather, these gloves take their name from the dozens of pinpricks to be found in the palm - perfect for stroking, scratching and spanking a willing submissive who enjoys a little surprise. Be careful, though! While these gloves can be used to enhance all manner of interesting sensations, they are often genuinely sharp - so it's important to try out what you plan to do on yourself first, to make sure you know just how hard it's safe to go with them.