Power exchange anyone?

Commit to the 24/7 D/s lifestyle

The vast majority of people who practice BDSM keep their fun and games strictly as a part of their sex life. There's also a significant minority of practitioners who have a kinky relationship outside of the bedroom but in a relatively subtle way; their dynamic permeates many aspects of their lives and is inherently part of who they are as a couple, but you wouldn't usually know it to look at them. A few, however, practice what is known as '24/7' - a lifestyle in which they are permanently in role and permanently overtly kinky. Couples who live this way usually have rituals, modes of address and acts of service that form parts of their daily lives. It's a reasonably rare choice IRL, but a very common fantasy for many kinksters!

What is a 24/7 Ds relationship?

A lot of people on the BDSM scene only get to indulge in their play at certain times, but a small number of people keep their Dominant and submissive roles all day every day. Making them constantly dominant or submissive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is 24/7 the same as total power exchange?

Yes, the terms mean the same thing, to totally commit to a D/s lifestyle, all day every day.

In 24/7 can you use a safeword?

In all BDSM relationships consent is essential. So consent will have been talked about and boundaries set even in a relationship where one person is dominant in all things. There may be a contract or pre-agreed boundaries. There may not be a safeword in place but there will be a way for the sub to communicate their discomfort and their limits.

I will never be able to do 24/7 is that okay?

The vast majority of people in the BDSM community won’t have a relationship where they use D/s all the time because of the commitments of life, parenting, work, vanilla friends etc. So it’s perfectly fine to do your BDSM relationship however and whenever you want to do it. It doesn’t have to be every day all day.

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Control is sexy, and if you're into domination it can be the sexiest kink of all. For some kinksters, D/s is a lifestyle - but for many people it's simply something fun to play around with in the bedroom, and we're fully supportive of both of those fetish preferences. If dominance is your thing and you consider yourself a dom or a domme, it's vital that you develop an understanding of safewords, negotiations and enthusiastic consent. Once you and your partners are both on the same page, though, the sky's the limit. Fetish.com's magazine prides itself on its wide range of articles on the subject, so if you're looking for some inspiration you might want to head over there and do some reading up.
Submissives get off on giving away their control over themselves: on being directed and compelled, on following orders and losing agency. Some like to do this through bondage and physical restriction; some by feeling psychologically subservient to a dominant partner; some through pain play. Many like a combination of these things. The key to figuring out a fantastic D/s dynamic is communication--make sure both sides of the equation are getting what they want and what they need, and that everyone is well aware of safewords and limits. Some people enjoy having dominance and submission as part of their everyday relationship, while others prefer keeping it in the bedroom. Either of these kink styles is fine - just so long as everyone is on the same page.
There's more than one 'official' definition of what the letters in BDSM stand for, and plenty of people don't agree on their exact usage! However you use the term, though, it's a catch-all way of describing a whole bunch of kinks and fetishes that are more common than many people imagine: bondage and impact play, sadism and masochism, domination and submission. Safety, consent and respect for boundaries are all key in the practice of BDSM, and it's vital to negotiate properly with your partners before getting into anything heavy-handed. Thankfully it's not so hard to learn - most places around the world have their own BDSM communities that are only too happy to take in newbies and help them learn the ropes.