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There are a few different kinks that often incorporate trampling. People into feedism often enjoy being squashed, trampled or sat on by much larger partners, for example, though the more common iteration of the fetish involves a masochist who is into femme dommes and enjoys the idea of being walked over by someone who has taken control - often while they're wearing spike heels. If you'd like to experiment with this it's important to bear in mind that professionals know exactly how to trample safely, and that even the most hardcore of pros usually aren't actually putting their entire weight on their 'victim's' back. Make sure you do your research and always play safely!

What is trampling? 

The word conjures up images of stomping on things, and that is what the fetish includes. A Dominant, often female walks over a submissive. It is a particular favourite of male subs but there are female subs who enjoy it too.

Is trampling dangerous?

Yes, it is. There is a danger of breaking bones and damaging delicate organs. You need to know what you’re doing.

Research where is safe to stand before starting. Also be sure to balance your weight over both feet equally. Also the person doing the trampling needs something to hold on to for their balance and to take some weight off the person beneath them.

As with any BDSM activity, always talk about the scene before hand and decide on a safeword for the submissive to use if they need you to stop immediately.

Is trampling part of foot fetish?

There is definitely a cross over between foot fetish and trampling. Enjoying bare feet or stiletto heels or even boots walking over you gives the focus to the dominant’s feet. If this is what turns you on most, you likely have a foot fetish as well as enjoying being walked all over!

What do you wear for trampling?

Whatever you like or maybe whatever the submissive desires you to wear. It is possible to wear shoes, such as spiked heels or boots but there is fun to be had with bare feet too.

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