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There's a lot to be said for slow, sensual sex, of course, and romance certainly has its place - but sometimes you just want to get down and dirty with someone who's as rough as you are. Rough sex isn't always kinky, it could be just a rough kiss, but for many BDSM fans, it forms a vital part of their sexual lives and relationships. The beauty of it is that it usually doesn't need a lot of planning or equipment; you can rough your enthusiastic partners up pretty much anywhere, anytime and anyhow. Just remember to play with a safeword, as people don't need whips and chains to reach their limits or realise that they need to call for a time out.

What is rough sex?

Soft sensual love making has its place, but sometimes you want it rougher. Rough sex incorporates pain with pleasure, with biting, slapping, spanking, punching, chocking and other ways of combining pain and sex.

Is having rough sex okay?

Yes it is! Be sure to trust the person you’re having this kind of sex with, don’t start out with choking on a one night stand! But there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little pain with your pleasure if that’s what you want. If you feel bad before, during or after the session then talk to your partner or a friend to work out why. You shouldn’t ever feel ashamed or guilty of enjoying sexy fun.

How do I have safe rough sex?

Arrange boundaries, discuss hard limits and agree a safe word with a partner before starting a session. This way the action can be stopped if there is any problem or either person changes their mind. Make sure to research safe areas to hit, bite and pinch and only try things you are confident with to avoid serious injury.

Is rough sex just for Doms and subs?

Anyone can enjoy a bit of rough sex, it’s not just a D/s dynamic. It’s a way to spice up any kind of sexual activity. You don’t have to decide who’s top and who’s bottom, just have fun and get in touch with your primal side.

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