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Knives have a unique appeal. There are many types for all kinds of jobs; there are new, shiny sharp ones and old, worn, patinated ones. Wide-bladed, thin-bladed and all of them can be sexy if you're into knife play. Knives are popular within the BDSM community, and used for all kinds of purposes, like removing wax after wax play for example, but they can be used simply for fear play too. Knife play is a varied kink that encompasses all kinds of fun you can have with assorted blades from blunt to sharp. You're the one in control, well, if you're holding the knife that is.

What is knife play?

Knife play is any interaction where a knife is used for BDSM play. For example, fear play - using a blunt blade, and for actual cutting in Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) scenes too.

What does knife play mean?

Knife play is a subset of both fear play and blood play, depending exactly how you use it. If the knife is used as a prop - essentially to scare the person in the bottom or submissive position, then it's fear play. If using the blade for actual cutting, it is blood play. Knife play can be both, so it's always wise to establish what kind of knife play you're into.

What things can you say during knife play?

It depends on the scene, of course. Perhaps not saying anything will work best to ramp up the fear. Maybe talking about the knife itself might add to the tension. You might ask questions about how it feels or describe what you're doing (of course, this can be a total bluff if you're working with fear play) there's no script. Go with what works best for you and your partner/s

Where to get knives for knife play?

It's essential to have the right type of blade for knife play. For fear play, it's recommended that knives are blunt, or very sharp if you will be using an implement for cutting. As anything in between can cause tearing and injury. The best blades for cutting are those made for the job, for example, medical scalpels which you can buy from medical supply shops.

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    Blood play is actually pretty standard on the fetish scene. For some people it's mostly about the sensation; they enjoy the sweet pain in the way that others might enjoy being spanked or flogged. For others, it's more about the marks it leaves behind - scarification can be a sign of ownership or take the place of a tattoo when done with the right finesse. Since you'll be piercing the skin, however, cutting play comes with some extra risks - so be meticulous about using clean, sterilised blades, cleaning up after yourself, doing your research in advance and being as careful as possible during a session.
    Some people love to be scared. Look at the popularity of roller coasters and horror movies, Halloween and real-life crime programmes. There's something about being afraid that makes people happy. Fear Play takes this a step further and makes being frightened an erotic experience. It can often be part of other BDSM practices such as knife play and abandonment play and is seen as edge play because it toys with the psychological and this kind of activity needs a lot of preparation, trust and aftercare. The thrill is different for the Dominant and submissive partner/s in a fear play scene, but fear is a robust way to bond with a person you trust.
    Needle play is usually thought of as being a subset of blood play, though it doesn't always necessarily involve blood. Most needle play is pretty straightforward, and involves play piercing using pre-sterilised, single-use needles designed to go through the skin and bought solely for the purpose. It is of course vital to only use any individual needle once, to make sure your needles are properly sterilised and to do your research before you begin your play. Make sure you have antiseptic wipes and plasters on hand, too - they're a vital part of aftercare for anyone who enjoys blood play and things related to it.