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Using needles for needle play and safety

Needle play is usually thought of as being a subset of blood play, though it doesn't always necessarily involve blood. Most needle play is pretty straightforward, and involves play piercing using pre-sterilised, single-use needles designed to go through the skin and bought solely for the purpose. It is of course vital to only use any individual needle once, to make sure your needles are properly sterilised and to do your research before you begin your play. Make sure you have antiseptic wipes and plasters on hand, too - they're a vital part of aftercare for anyone who enjoys blood play and things related to it.

 What is needle play?

It is body piercing undertaken for fun, rather than for medical purposes or permanent decoration. It is done with needles and can be used to produce pretty patterns. It gives some people an endorphin rush that makes them feel really good.

How do you play with needles safely?

Because you are piercing a person’s skin you have to be really careful to avoid any kind of infection. Wear disposable latex/nitrile gloves and get rid of them when you’ve finished playing. Use a sharps bin to dispose of your needles after play too. Only ever use a needle once and keep it wrapped in it’s protective packaging right up until you use it. Have antiseptic wipes on hand to clean the area before play and to clean any blood drop of blood that may be released when you remove the needle.

It’s advised to watch someone else demonstrating needle play for you before trying yourself and keep to fleshy areas such as the stomach, top of the arm and thighs when you’re playing so as not to accidentally hit any arteries or nerves. Make sure to constantly communicate with the bottom receiving the needles and remove the needles immediately if they become uncomfortable.

How deep do needles go in needle play?

The needles only go under the skin, so even though people use words like ‘stick’ and poke, the needles really just go through a patch of skin, they don’t go very deep at all.

Does needle play hurt?

Everyone has different pain tolerances but there tends to be a little pain from needle. It depends on the size of the needle and if the top prods and pokes at them once they’re situated. Generally it isn’t thought of as a very intense pain, it’s definitely not the same as taking a hard spanking for example.

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