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Restraints come in many shapes and sizes: rope, cuffs, metal and more. Pretty much anything you'd use for bondage is a kind of restraint, making this a massive and versatile category! Most people who are at all interested in kink or BDSM are amenable to bondage and restraint play in some form or another, so it's a good idea to get a little practice in ASAP if you'd like to 'play around' and experiment with a variety of partners. Just be sure to keep to all the usual safety rules in mind: keep the keys nearby, always have a set of rope shears handy, learn how to play in a way that doesn't risk circulation and do your research before you begin!

What are restraints?

Anything you use to stop another person (or sometimes yourself) from moving. This can be anything from rope to your own body.

How do you use restraints safely?

If you are restraining anyone you need to be aware of the areas, such as pressure points, that need to be avoided. Also be sure not to tie or tighten anything to a point where it cuts off circulation. Be sure you can fit a finger between the restraint and the person’s skin. Make sure they have a safeword to use if they need to end the scene and always have some way to get the person out of their bondage quickly and safely. Safety shears are very useful for this. And never, ever leave a restrained person on their own for any period of time.

I don’t like rope, what other restraints are there?

Chain is a popular alternative to rope. You can use hand cuffs, spreader bars, shackles even your own tie or hands can work too.

Can you use restraints with impact play?

It is possible to mix spanking and bondage but you need to know your partner well and make sure they have some room to move. Sometimes, the bottom can’t help but move, so you need to allow room for them to do so otherwise they could strain muscles.

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    Medplay or Medical Play is common all through the kink world, and much of it has a slightly anachronistic feel - harking back to the days when some medical professionals would restrain their patents in ways we would now usually consider inhumane. This can include the use of straitjackets, someone being tied down onto a bed or inside a padded cage, or certain kinds of medical gags and speculums. High-quality medical restraints are often at the more expensive end of bondage equipment when compared with cuffs and rope, but they tend to be highly effective, and the aesthetics of them are undeniable to their fans!
    Bondage comes in many forms, and shackling is one of the most iconic. Metal shackles are attached to the walls of many dungeons, playrooms and party spaces--and they can take a bit of a pounding, making them a great choice for keeping stronger and more feisty submissives under control! They can be used on the wrists or the ankles, and in some cases are suitable for extended periods of confinement--assuming, of course, you're communicating with the person you've got locked up all the time, and you know how they're doing. If you get a chance to try shackling, it can be well worth it for the aesthetic potential alone.
    For bondage in a hurry, you can't go wrong with a bit of bondage tape. It comes in rolls a little like duct tape, and it's made of a flexible plastic that adheres only to itself. This means it's perfect for quick and dirty binding, tying and gagging! Bondage tape comes in all manner of colours and thicknesses, and is a fantastic addition to any BDSM travel kit. Just make sure you pack some scissors along with it - safety is paramount, and it's vital that you're able to get the tape off in a hurry if needs be. Bondage tape is available from almost all kink stores and sex shops, and it's also an affordable way to try bondage out for yourself for the first time.