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People bind their breasts for all kinds of reasons. For some people, it's a part of helping themselves to look the way they feel they most want to look; this might be an aesthetic choice, or a part of someone's gender expression. For others, it's like a costume - a way of being someone else for a while, or of taking on a certain role. Genderqueer and non-binary folks might bind in some situations but not others, or on days when they feel their gender expression will benefit from it. Binding isn't usually overtly sexual, though many people who bind find it more comfortable to remain bound during a sexual encounter.

What is a breast binder?

A breast (or chest) binder is a very tight vest like item of clothing that flattens the appearance of breasts.

How do you use a breast binder?

A breast binder is worn like a vest under your clothes. It is used to flatten the chest of an individual who doesn’t want their breasts to show. These are very often used by FTM transgender people and non-binary folk as an expression of their true gender.

What kinds of breast binder are there?

Each manufacturer’s binders will be slightly different. The two main types however are long t-shirt like binders that can be tucked into trousers etc and short ones that are cropped just below the breasts. Make sure you measure yourself accurately when picking your binder and pick the kind that you feel most comfortable in.

How long is it safe to bind for?

Around 6-8 hours, the length of a work day. If you have pain when wearing a binder, you need to take it off. Even if that’s just for a few minutes break. Never wear a binder that is too small, you run the risk of doing serious damage to your body if you do.

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