All you need to know about using blindfolds

Put on your eye mask for some kinky blindfold games

When you're wearing a blindfold, you have no sure way of knowing what your partner is going to do next. You're entirely at their mercy, and you're forced to rely on your other senses to figure out what's happening to you or what you can expect. When it's your partner who's wearing the blindfold, there's a rush of control and dominance that's difficult to resist. You've got them right where you want them, and, within their pre-agreed limits, you can have your way with them however you like. Plenty of sex shops can provide you with specialised blindfolds for blindfold games, but if you're still only experimenting with soft bondage, try a sleep mask or a silk scarf for starters; either can give you a fascinating insight.

Where to buy blindfolds

Blindfolds are often used in hard and soft bondage scenes, both as a mild form of sensory deprivation and to heighten the sense of anticipation. Not knowing what will happen next can make you more hot and bothered than the actual deed!

So where can you get your naughty hands on one of these kinky eye masks? There are so many options we can’t list them all here! Of course, physical and online sex shops will have them, often times erotica book shops will have them. If you find yourself at an adult or erotica convention, they will often be part of goodie bags at booths.

If you take on long distance flights or fly business or first class, generally you can ask a flight attendant for an eye mask - of course these are meant for sleeping, but any true fetishist can pervert almost any ‘everyday-thing’ for use as a sex toy!

Blindfolds can be found as part of many sex game kits, which can make for a spicy evening, complete with blindfold games and anything else your kinky mind can dream up!

How to make a blindfold

Blindfolds can be made from almost any material and long article of clothing. Ties, belts, stockings, underwear, socks, etc. can all be used. If you have a particular material fetish, for example latex or leather, special bonding agents and needles will be necessary but it can be done! There are tons of free and printable eye mask patterns available online.

Things to consider:
- material allergies to wool, hemp, latex, etc.
- textures and length of time the blindfold will be worn, some materials cut off oxygen to the skin or can cause injury
- dangerous materials, be mindful of the which fantasies you choose to live out IRL. What may sound like an sexy torture scene can end up in irreversible consequences!

If you’re in a D/s relationship it might be fun for your sub to have them make their own, then put it on and await their funishment.

Does wearing a blindfold heighten other senses?

When you can’t see, you use your other senses more. You’ll listen harder, hearing catches and moans you might otherwise have missed and you’ll be more attuned to scents around you. Also, because you can’t see, everything will be more of a surprise, intensifying your reactions to even the softest of caresses.

How do you include a blindfold in BDSM play?

Having your eyes covered makes you vulnerable and gives the other person/people in the room an advantage. This is great for power exchange play. Keep a sub waiting in a blindfold without doing anything, they will imagine all sorts of things. You can use a blindfold when doing other scenes such as wax play, to intensify the experience. Just make sure the sub can’t hurt themselves whilst being blindfolded. For example, make sure they won’t fall off anything or walk into anything.

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