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Muzzle gags are designed to prevent animals from using their mouths - and submissives can benefit from the same effect! Muzzle gags don't usually remove the wearer's ability to speak, but rather cage around the mouth and jaw just like a dog's muzzle. This means they can still communicate, but they're prevented from making their own choices about what goes in and out of their mouths, and muzzle gags are a powerful symbol of being under someone else's control, too. Some are designed with openable 'hatches' that the dominant partner can unclip to slip in some food or drink, a cock or anything else that strikes their fancy. For obvious reasons, they're especially popular amongst people who are into puppy play.

What is a muzzle gag?

We have all seen dogs wearing muzzles but not all BDSM muzzle gags look like that. They are designed to control what goes in to a submissive’s mouth. Many of them are made from leather and are just a panel across the mouth area. This panel can sometimes be opened and closed.

How do you use a muzzle gag?

A muzzle gag fastens like any other gag, but this often has straps that go across the face and under the chin as well as behind the head. Be sure all these straps lay straight against the wearer’s skin. A muzzle gag will prevent a sub/bottom from being able to be heard clearly. Agree a safeword action before play so they can communicate if any issues arise or they’re unhappy to continue. Hand movements, a series of blinks or dropping an item clasped in a hand are all good safeword alternatives.

Why choose a muzzle gag?

A muzzle gag is often the one of choice for puppy play enthusiasts as it is based on a dog’s muzzle. It lets the dominant control when the submissive eats and drinks. It is also good for those who don’t want anything going inside their mouth or stretching their lips wide open. As it fits over the mouth and under the nose, not inside the mouth at all.

Are muzzle gags just for puppy play?

Nope! Muzzle gags can be used for anyone who wants to use a gag but doesn’t want to have something directly inside their mouth.

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