Gas Masks

Gas masks and gas mask bondage - here's what you need to know

For kinksters with a gas mask fetish

Gas masks are a common sight in fetish clubs the world over. On the surface, it might seem like an odd choice. Why pick a symbol of war that isn't even bondage-related? The more you think about it, though, the more sense it makes. For one thing, a gas mask looks a little like a human face - but is completely anonymising and dehumanising. For another, the breathing tube allows for intense breath play controlled entirely by whoever is holding the other end. There's also a more obvious aesthetic appeal. These masks play into a specific alternative 'look' that many people find appealing. Whatever your reason for wanting one, make sure you find one without filters intended for wearing rather than as a relic - and do a little research to make sure you're getting one with all the features that interest you.

 What is gas mask fetish?

A gas mask fetish is a fetish for gas masks or to see others wear them for purposes of dehumanisation or breathplay. This fetish can also be connected to other clothing fetishes such as uniforms and rubber or latex fetishes.

How do you use a gas mask for breathplay?

Gas masks have holes for breathing through, block these holes and the person inside can’t breathe; therefore they are often used when indulging in breathplay.

Gas mask safety

Always check your mask before use to be sure there is no rubber deterioration or twisted straps. If you’re using your gas mask for breathplay, be sure to have agreed on an equivalent to a safe word before you play. This could be holding a ball in your hand. If you want things to stop, you drop the ball. Also, this way if the person in the gas mask passes out, they will drop the ball as they go limp letting the other person know of the problem.

Why wear a gas mask for kink?

Gas masks are multipurpose and can be worn as part of a fetish costume. They can be used for dehumanisation play too as when a person is wearing one you can’t see their features at all. Gas masks can also be used for breath play, which as gas masks have a particular smell and feel can be especially pleasurable for rubber fetish lovers too.

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    Breath play comes in many forms. The most common one is probably choking, but that's far from the only option. You can also hold the mouth and nose shut for a time, indulge in some facesitting, press down carefully on the sternum or try out some specialised breath play toys. Safety is paramount, and there's no way to practice breath play that is entirely risk-free. Make sure that you do your research before you begin, and communicate carefully with your partners. One important thing to discuss before indulging in breath play is the non-verbal safeword. There are many ways to make this work, but one of the most reliable involves three clear sounds from the back of the throat. You can also hold something that will make a noise if you drop it.
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