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Ready for some seriously sexy bondage play? Then you’re going to love a chastity belt. Fun for cuckold’s and kinky play alike, locking up your private parts has never been more fun. Chastity belts have historically been made for women but now there are ones made for men too. Dominants can get a real kick from locking their submissives in chastity. Most lock with an actual padlock so the key holder is in full control of what their sub does and doesn’t do from the waist down. Many are made for long term use but always think about safety and circulation!

What is a chastity belt?  

There is a well-known myth that chastity belts were used in the Middle Ages to keep wives from straying whilst their men were off at war. This isn’t true but modern day chastity belts are based on these designs. You can get chastity belts for both men and women. They have to be specially designed, especially for long term wear, to allow the submissive to urinate and defecate whilst wearing one.

How to use a chastity belt safely?

A chastity belt must be well fitted to avoid chaffing and any circulation cut off. It needs to be cleaned regularly too, especially if worn for long periods of time. If you’re thinking of wearing the chastity belt for longer than a few hours be sure that there are gaps for the wearer to urinate and defecate through.

Can you wear a chastity belt 24/7?

It is possible to wear chastity belts for days at a time, but it is not advisable to wear one constantly. There should be rest periods when the device isn’t worn. This is for health and hygiene reasons. The belts need to be thoroughly cleaned and the submissive too, come to that!

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