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Dominants of all kinds often enjoy getting their submissives to beg. There are just so many ways to employ the principle: begging to be allowed to orgasm is a popular option, or for a way out of a punishment, or for something that is perceived as a reward. Begging is often verbal, but there are physical ways to beg - impromptu oral with an edge of desperation to it often does the job nicely! From the sub's point of view, the trick is usually to let go of feeling self-conscious and give in to a baser and more carnal set of instincts and desires. It can be an oddly liberating experience, and is usually a major boost to the dominant in question too!

What is begging?

Asking for something you want in a fervent manner. This can be with words or physically with acts like kneeling. It is a very big component of many D/s relationships.

How do I beg better?

It’s easy to ask for something you want, it’s harder to show you really mean it. Begging, like the Xtreme song, is more than words. Pour all your effort into your words and actions, really make your top believe how desperate you are. Basically, be sincere.

When should I stop begging?

If you’re all having fun, then that's great. However, when begging is too much, it can make people feel uncomfortable. If you think your Dom/s are getting fed up of you asking for the same thing, then you may actually just be whining. This is when you need to stop.

Are words always used to beg?

Not always, begging can involve kneeling or clasping your hands together in supplication. It could also involve various acts such as giving shoulder and feet rubs or even blow jobs to convince your top that you really want it. Arching your back in a spanking to encourage more is also a form of begging.

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