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Cosplay is playing dress up with a purpose. It’s not just a generic costume, it’s a representation of a character from a book or a movie. When you dress up as a character who is a different gender to you, this is known as crossplay! Get it? A Mixture of Crossdressing and cosplay. It is something that is growing in popularity and although it can be a perfectly vanilla pastime it can have a wonderfully kinky twist too, when the crossplay is not just for a convention but for sexual role play too. It’s fun to play around with who gets to be the superhero sometimes!

What is crossplay?

Simply, it’s a crossover of crossdressing and cosplay. So instead of dressing as a character of the same gender as you, you dress as the opposite gender. It goes both ways!

Is crossplay really kinky?

As with many things in life, it depends on the way you do it. It is possible to be totally innocent but it’s also possible to kink it up. If you’re crossplaying for sexual gratification, then it’s definitely kinky.

Is crossplay the same as crossdressing?

In the same way that some people crossdress just now and then for a specific event or because they want to be a specific character and others do it regularly because they feel it’s an expression of who they are, then yes, it’s the same. There are different levels of crossplay, but as long as you’re happy and having fun then however you do it is fine by us!

How do I find others to kinky crossplay with?

You’re in the perfect place to check out who else is into crossplay! Write yourself a personal ad, browse profiles or start a post in the forums to find other likeminded kinksters who are looking for playmates too.

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    'Crossdressing' is a slightly archaic term these days, though some people - usually those who identify definitively with one binary gender but enjoy wearing the clothes of and playing the role of the other for social, sexual, personal or performative purposes - find it one they identify with more than any other. Drag kings and queens are often thought of as crossdressers, as are transvestites - though be very careful when describing someone as a transvestite, as while some crossdressing people self-identify that way it has been used as a slur often enough that it's a word best avoided unless you know someone likes it.
    Role play is a core part of BDSM and fetish for a lot of people, and what is role play without costumes? While you could think of the kind of fetish wear people often wear out to clubs and parties as a 'costume', that's not usually what people mean by the term; they're generally referring to a schoolgirl, secretary, pet play or other overtly fetishised outfit designed to help the wearer embody a particular role that is not quite their usual selves. Dressing up like this is a lot of fun, and can really help people get into the headspaces they're looking to explore.