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Most people get turned on when they hear someone telling them about what they'd like to do to them later, though only if it's the right person and the right situation, of course! For kinksters, this tendency can become a fetish in its own right: dirty talk in a BDSM context can often be quite harsh and aggressive, and to an outsider might even seem humiliating or abusive.

Make sure before you try something like this that you've had some crystal clear conversations about it beforehand. For most people, there are some things that will turn them on and others that will be an instant mood-killer, so be as careful as possible, and make sure you know what those things are in advance. It's also important to ensure you aren't overheard by anyone who might feel uncomfortable about your dirty talk, particularly if your specific kinks are ones it might be easy to misinterpret.

 Where and how to talk dirty to your partner(s)

Dirty talk is something everyone can do! Sometimes we are a bit nervous about trying it out because out of context it may sound silly. In the right moment, however, it can really heat up the moment! If you need some inspiration reading erotica or watching quality porn or finding kinky role play games are some great ways to get those naughty words flowing!

Talking dirty doesn’t just have to take place in the physical world either. Millions of people are into cyber sex and use chat rooms to get share their ‘dirty little secrets’. Dirty chat rooms can be found on almost any social or dating network, you just have to know where to look.

Online platforms are great places to practice and chat dirty with any number of people and play out your kinky fantasies! Keep in mind that not everyone may be into dirty chat, so make sure you have consent first! As with all kinks and fetishes, consent is key to having a kinktastic time.

How do I get past being embarrassed to talk dirty?

Relax and accept that you might say something a bit funny. It’s not going to kill the moment. You might laugh a bit but sex and kink can be hilarious at times. Just go with it. It might be worth practising a few phrases by yourself to prepare for dirty talk with your partner or practise telling them a fantasy of yours then you’ve got an idea of things to say.

How do I talk dirty to my sub?

Have a conversation beforehand to make sure you know what to say and what not to say. Some people love humiliation for example, others don’t. And some people might enjoy certain aspects of humiliating language but others might be triggering for them. You want your sub to have fun, so be sure you don’t accidentally use words that have a negative connotation for them. Ask questions that demand an answer, make them tell you what they want (often hard for subs but also a real turn on) and ask permission to touch you or to come. You can tell them what you want to do to them, it can be total fantasy or you can then follow through with your actions. The key is knowing their turn ons so you can press all their buttons!

How do I talk dirty to my Dom?

It’s good to discuss what your Dom would enjoy you saying before you try dirty talk. Remember, Doms have limits too. They might not want you to mention certain body parts or to call them certain names. Check all this before you try talking kinky. Asking permission is a great place to start. You can also tell your Dom what you want to do for them, how you want to serve them or how very much they turn you on. Praise them and make them feel good. Let them know how subservient you are and how much you appreciate them. Show them that they’re in control with your words.

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