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A little danger is often just what's needed to get the blood pumping, and lots of BDSM scenes include fear play in some way. Taking that to its extreme is kidnap roleplay. This kink falls into consensual non-consent, and can also involve physically taking a person from one place to another while keeping them restrained. Kidnap roleplay is a common fantasy where control is taken entirely from the submissive/s in the scene and involves fear play. Other BDSM activities can be enjoyed as part of this from sensory deprivation and restraint to impact and knife play.

What is kidnap role play?

Many people have fantasies about being abducted such as being snatched from their beds or on the street, whisked away somewhere and kept locked up against their will as their captors do whatever they want to them. Some people then take that fantasy and act it out in role play. It's all for the pleasure, of course!

Why do I want to be kidnapped, and is it OK?

It's a common power exchange fantasy that lots of people have. Why you have this kink is personal to you, but it might be that you enjoy BDSM or that you want to be out of control. It's definitely okay, as long as you indulge in your fantasy safely. If you're worried in any way about your desires, talk to a medical professional.

How can I make kidnap role play feel real and safe?

Kidnap role play needs to be kept private. If you have a gathering of kinksters at a fetish club or event, this could be the ideal place for a kidnap scenario. Just be sure to get the consent of those who might observe the kidnap before going ahead. Some people might find it upsetting, or they might think it's not 'play' if they don't know what's going on. There are often areas in a dungeon or sex club designed for capture play like this, along with cells, shackles, pillories and such. Using these can make the experience feel more real. Especially if you hire one privately, so no one else is wandering around doing their own thing. Ensure the captive has a safeword they can use if they want out of the scenario. And if they're to be left alone, make sure you can hear them at all times in case they use it when no one is in the room. And don't forget BDSM aftercare - this is an essential part of keeping the role play safe for everyone involved as it can be psychologically draining. Make sure all players have adequate care after the fun.

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