Medical Fetish

Sexualised role play

A common and highly varied kink

Many people love a bit of sexualised roleplay, and medical situations are a pretty common theme in a lot of folk's fantasies. Doctors, nurses, patients and hospitals are all the subject of any number of sexy imaginary scenarios--and while you woudn't want situations like this to arise in real life, they can be an incredibly hot fantasy to act out in the privacy of your own relationship or bedroom!

Medical play is actually a very common and highly varied kink. Fans of the fetish often own plenty of leather and latex, enjoy dressing up in fetishised versions of medical uniforms, and get a big kick out of play that involves various medical accoutrements such as pinwheels, enemas, tongue depressors and metal gags.

What is a medical fetish? 

You’ve heard of playing doctors and nurses well this is it for grown-ups. Often incorporating medical instruments, furniture and clothing. Many people enjoy medical play.

Can I play with medical fetish without buying lots of expensive equipment?

Of course you can! Many BDSM dungeons and BDSM clubs have special medical play rooms so for the cost of attending an event, you can use their expensive furniture to play on. At home, you can simply improvise or invest in one piece of clothing/equipment that you know you’ll use a lot and base your play around that.

I have a medical fetish, is that normal?

Lots of kinksters have a medical fetish of some kind, it’s a little bit out of the ordinary but that’s not a bad thing! As long as you are indulging in consenting, risk aware play then you’re doing nothing wrong at all. Enjoy yourself. If however, you’re concerned about your fetish, if you’re worried you’re thinking about it too much and it’s affecting your quality of life, then seek help from a medical professional.

My partner wants me to do medical fetish play, how do I do that?

Firstly, have a conversation with your partner. Medical fetish involves lots of different aspects, so find out what your partner is into. Also discuss your own limits, what you are willing to do and what you won’t. You don’t have to agree to do anything you’re not comfortable with. You will get the most information you need from talking to your partner to find out what they expect of you but once you know, you can do some research online for more ideas. Maybe ask a question on the forum to get input from other kinksters too.

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    Medplay or Medical Play is common all through the kink world, and much of it has a slightly anachronistic feel - harking back to the days when some medical professionals would restrain their patents in ways we would now usually consider inhumane. This can include the use of straitjackets, someone being tied down onto a bed or inside a padded cage, or certain kinds of medical gags and speculums. High-quality medical restraints are often at the more expensive end of bondage equipment when compared with cuffs and rope, but they tend to be highly effective, and the aesthetics of them are undeniable to their fans!
    Sexual role play is a staple of pornography, but all kinds of folks love it out here in the real world too. Plenty of people find that certain things are sexier in imagination than they are in reality; non-consent fantasies are a classic example of this. Other role play ideas are fantasies involving certain stereotyped roles (police officers, schoolgirls, hot mysterious strangers). With role playing games, or RPG, you can explore these things in safety and in comfort, alongside someone who in reality you already know and trust.
    Role play is a core part of BDSM and fetish for a lot of people, and what is role play without costumes? While you could think of the kind of fetish wear people often wear out to clubs and parties as a 'costume', that's not usually what people mean by the term; they're generally referring to a schoolgirl, secretary, pet play or other overtly fetishised outfit designed to help the wearer embody a particular role that is not quite their usual selves. Dressing up like this is a lot of fun, and can really help people get into the headspaces they're looking to explore.

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