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Medplay is an incredibly common kink - and it has a few iterations and subcategories. For obvious reasons, anything specifically gynaecological is particularly popular. Speculums, stimulating or numbing creams, sensation testers such as pinwheels and physical examinations are all appealing both physically and psychologically. Fans of the gyno fetish enjoy them for both the sensations they create and the mindfuck or dynamics they can lead to. There's something uniquely exposing of sitting in a gyno chair and being examined "down there" - and there are plenty of ways for a couple interested in that side of BDSM to use that to their kinky advantage.

What is gyno fetish?  

A specific part of medical fetish that focuses on the examination of genitals. It resembles gynaecological exams that happen in real life but with far sexier interactions.

How do you do gyno fetish play safely?

On top of having a safe word there are specific safety measures to follow. Always ask a person if they have any allergies before play, especially to latex if you’re planning on using gloves. Make sure that any equipment used is thoroughly sterilised before and after play. If there is any sharp pain for the person being examined, stop immediately.

What can I say during gyno fetish play?

Think about the kind of conversations you would have in a doctor’s office and use those as inspiration. Call the patient by their last name and talk about what you’re going to do to the patient as you’re going to do it. It’s good to add a little dirty talk in there too, to take away the purely clinical edge if you want to that is, it’s your scene so just go where your imagination takes you.

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Medplay or Medical Play is common all through the kink world, and much of it has a slightly anachronistic feel - harking back to the days when some medical professionals would restrain their patents in ways we would now usually consider inhumane. This can include the use of straitjackets, someone being tied down onto a bed or inside a padded cage, or certain kinds of medical gags and speculums. High-quality medical restraints are often at the more expensive end of bondage equipment when compared with cuffs and rope, but they tend to be highly effective, and the aesthetics of them are undeniable to their fans!
Role play comes in many forms, and medical fetishes have long been a common part of the kink community. There's just something about the idea of being examined that appeals to people, not least because there's an inherent imbalance of power in such a situation that absolutely lends itself to a huge number of kinks and fetishes. Medical fetishes in general terms are actually very common, particularly ones that focus on the kind of anachronistic medical gear that was used to control patients much as bondage is used to control partners! Make sure you know what you're doing with the kit you play with, though, especially if it's sharp or could cause actual harm - some things are best left to real doctors, after all!
Many people love a bit of sexualised roleplay, and medical situations are a pretty common theme in a lot of folk's fantasies. Doctors, nurses, patients and hospitals are all the subject of any number of sexy imaginary scenarios--and while you woudn't want situations like this to arise in real life, they can be an incredibly hot fantasy to act out in the privacy of your own relationship or bedroom! Medical play is actually a very common and highly varied kink. Fans of the fetish often own plenty of leather and latex, enjoy dressing up in fetishised versions of medical uniforms, and get a big kick out of play that involves various medical accoutrements such as pinwheels, enemas, tongue depressors and metal gags.