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Role play comes in many forms, and medical fetishes have long been a common part of the kink community. There's just something about the idea of being examined that appeals to people, not least because there's an inherent imbalance of power in such a situation that absolutely lends itself to a huge number of kinks and fetishes. Medical fetishes in general terms are actually very common, particularly ones that focus on the kind of anachronistic medical gear that was used to control patients much as bondage is used to control partners! Make sure you know what you're doing with the kit you play with, though, especially if it's sharp or could cause actual harm - some things are best left to real doctors, after all!

What is Doctor role play? 

Sometimes known as playing doctor, this kind of role play has one person being the doctor (or more if you like) and someone else being the patient, or there can be several patients of course. It uses the imagination to spice up sex with a scenario that everyone understands.

Do you need special equipment for Doctor role play?

Not really, all that is essential is a bit of imagination. You could use a few key items to help, like a doctor’s coat or a thermometer, maybe some bandages but really those are all extras.

Is Doctor role play the same as medical play?

Not necessarily. Medical play tends to focus on the equipment used, such as forceps, gags and restraints or medical procedures such as stapling and stitches. Doctor role play however, is all about imagined scenarios between doctor and patient, there isn’t the same focus on equipment and no need to actually do any kind of procedure – just pretend!

What can I say in Doctor role play?

It can be difficult to think of what to say in role play. Just go with the flow. It doesn’t matter if you say something a bit silly, sex is meant to be fun and laughter is good for the soul. However, think about things you’ve heard being said at the doctors and maybe add a little cheekiness.
Some examples:
“So what are your symptoms?”
“Just pop this under your tongue.”
“I’m just too hot, doctor.”
“Remove your knickers and lie back on the bed.”

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