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There are as many ways of describing domination as there are dominants, and some people who take the dominating role in a D/s relationship like to describe themselves as a 'femdom'. Female domination during BDSM play means people who identify as women is the dominant, or the Domme. It often involves humiliation for example with a strapon, and the mistress demanding her submissive to please her in different ways.

Personal or Professional female domination?

The internet is overflowing with mistresses who will dominate you and fulfil your wildest desires for humiliation, submission or trampling. Most of these offers will require money. If you’re lucky, they might be in-person encounters and not just a sex chat, webcam or phone sex thing. These professional Dommes are often referred to as a Dominatrix or Mistress. Sometimes they run a household, boudoir or BDSM dungeon.

Female domination comes in as many forms as there are people who do it - the reason being it’s all entirely personal. Every relationship is different and personal relationships involving femdom can be quite different to professional ones. The stereotype of a male dominant is not always the case. It’s what is popular in the media and mainstream ideas of BDSM, but women dominants are just as easy to come by and men.

What kind of people are into female domination?

If you’re uncertain as to what kind of people are into female domination, one idea is to take a BDSM test. It'll help find your place in the vast world of kink. Are you submissive or dominant, or maybe a switch? People looking for a domme are attracted to the control they offer - the trust that must be established to surrender yourself to someone else.

As with all kinky activities, consent is vital, and there's more than one side to the story. Just because someone is dominant in the bedroom or dungeon, doesn’t mean they are like that all the time. They also need a bit of aftercare, just like subs do after a scene.

Whether you fancy the idea of a dominant woman having her way with you using a strap on, or walking all over your pathetic body in her spiky stilettos, it’s a kink well worth exploring. Get in touch with others on the forum, read up on submission and subservience and figure out what you want then get out there and find your #kinktastic mistress of pain!

Tips to consider before trying female domination

All types of domination and submission need research and lots of thought going into any actions before they are carried out. So if you’re new to the practice read up on it, go to some munches and speak to people. Find a local dungeon or mistress and explore if they have workshops or talks to attend.

It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want before going into it. Consent and communication are critical! Keep a journal for BDSM and kinky ideas, chat about it online with others in chat rooms or forums and keep an open mind!

Is female domination all about bondage and spanking?

No, those are popular aspects but they don’t have to be part of your dynamic at all. You can try all kinds of kinky things such as foot worship and facesitting. In fact you can dominate in any way you prefer. There’s no one way to be a Domme.

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