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Vampires are popular in movies and books and are a constant feature in society. They are monsters, but they have a sexual allure that hasn't changed since Dracula and brings us to the Twilight series of films and beyond. Vampire role play is understandably popular in the kink community. There are elements of control and submission, blood play and mind control and glamour too. Role playing as a vampire or a vampire victim is very sexy and can be kinky also. Which one would you be? Do you want to be the sucker or be sucked or maybe you'd like to try both!

What is vampire role play?

Pretending you're a vampire is nothing new, it's a Halloween staple. But erotic vampire role play can vary from dressing up as a vampire and just enjoying a bit of biting fun, to scenes with complex characters and scenarios. It can involve actual blood play or be all pretend. Vampire role play is incredibly varied, and anyone can have a go.

Is vampire role play safe?

Yes, as long as you are risk-aware. If you're drawing blood at all, make sure it is done in as sterile a manner as possible and be aware of disease transmission through the exchange of bodily fluids. As long as you are risk-aware, it can be safe.

Is vampire role play, blood play?

It can involve blood play, but it doesn't have to. That's the brilliant thing with any role play; all you need is your imagination. You can use props, dressing like a vampire from your favourite film or novel, for example, you can bite necks, gently or with much more force (be aware of fluid transfer though!) or not. It's totally up to you. What do you want to do? Let your imagination run wild.

Why are we obsessed with vampire sex?

It's a question with many answers. Often there's a lot of shame around letting go and enjoying sexual pleasure, especially but not exclusively for women. Vampire role play enables the person to play the victim completely lose control under the glamour and power of the vampire and give themselves entirely to sexual pleasure. And that is a beautiful thing. But then who doesn't want to be immortal, hot and compelling? Like, a vampire! There are many reasons vampire sex is so popular.

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