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Gothic culture is primarily about fashion and music, but it crosses over with the fetish scene in a few ways. For one thing, gothic dress and fetish wear can be quite similar; many people who are a member of both subcultures wear the same outfit to events on either side, and it's not always possible to spot the difference!

Another link comes from the way that social subcultures tend to work. If someone is already perceived as being a little unusual in one way - because they're a goth, because they're kinky or because they're queer, for example - they're more likely to be open to the idea of exploring other unusual hobbies and cultures. This means that your local goth club and your local munch probably have a broadly similar clientele!

What is Goth

The goth movement started in the 1980’s inspired by a type of music known as Gothic rock. The music is at the heart of the subculture, as is the clothing which is often dark (mostly black) influenced by gothic fashions of bygone eras and coupled with dark, dramatic make up.

Is Goth a fetish?

No, it’s a subculture deeply influenced by music but there is a big crossover in the Goth and fetish communities.

Why are many Goths kinky?

There is a lot of crossover between the alternative lifestyles because there is more tolerance of different ways of doing things. When you’re seen as being a bit weird already, it’s easy to embrace more alternative and ‘weird’ things. Goths are often attracted to the darker side of things too, that can definitely include BDSM.

Can I go to a BDSM club in my Goth clothes?

Generally yes, Goth clothes often fit into BDSM dress code but it is worth checking the dress code of the venue you’re planning to visit just to be sure.

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