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Pornography isn't always visual. For many people, the hottest porn of all is to be read rather than watched - and erotica is huge business. There are plenty of specialised publishers putting erotica out, so whatever your tastes you'll be able to find erotica that works brilliantly for you. Just don't be afraid to shop around a little before finding an author you love - everyone has their own style, and there's something out there to get you going if only you can find it! Have a look through some free samples to find an author you like, and then see if there are any other authors they recommend as similar to them.

How can erotica spice up your relationship?

Maybe you’re looking to try something new, you read something or saw something that got the kinky gears moving in your head. Adult stories are an excellent way to explore that with your partner(s)! They bring the fantasy and #kinktastic action right to your dungeon or bedroom. Sexy stories about BDSM and fetish are great ways to get the conversation going, especially if you’re in a relationship where one partner is new to kink or still living in the vanilla world. It opens up the conversation about kink in a fun and sexy way. At the very least it’ll get you talking about new things and who knows maybe you’ll have found what you’re looking for!

Erotic fiction can also be perfect for long distance relationships and assignments for submissives. There are endless ways to play and draw inspiration from these books so use your imagination, for a bit of dirty talk or just to spice things up a bit.

Top 7 BDSM erotica books

Here is where we’d like to call out the epic fail that is the ’50 Shades of Grey’ phenomenon. In no way, shape or form do these books or films exhibit a healthy BDSM relationship, and while yes it is fiction and should be taken as such, the effect it has created is a bit disappointing. So here we’d like to take the opportunity to present you with some quality Literotica: a few classics, a couple of new ones, and all light years better than the aforementioned grey zone. Enjoy kinksters!

1. Juliette by Marquis de Sade
2. Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence
3. The Story of O by Pauline Reage
4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
5. Delta of Venus by Anais Nin
6. The Sleeping Beauty Series by A.N. Roquelaure
7. Exit to Eden by Anne Rampling (a.k.a. Anne Rice)

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    Of all the many kinds of pornography available online, hentai is one of the most misunderstood - and one of the most vilified. It's a type of animated porn originating in Japan, and everything in it tends to be highly exaggerated; the women tend to be tiny and youthful, while the men are built and muscular with remarkable fantasy-land penises. The plots are no less fantastical, complete with everything from tentacles to violent rape scenes. Non-consent fantasies can be healthy, enjoyable parts of a person's sexuality, but it's vital to keep a line between fantasy and reality and always have consent at the forefront of your mind.
    There's more than one 'official' definition of what the letters in BDSM stand for, and plenty of people don't agree on their exact usage! However you use the term, though, it's a catch-all way of describing a whole bunch of kinks and fetishes that are more common than many people imagine: bondage and impact play, sadism and masochism, domination and submission. Safety, consent and respect for boundaries are all key in the practice of BDSM, and it's vital to negotiate properly with your partners before getting into anything heavy-handed. Thankfully it's not so hard to learn - most places around the world have their own BDSM communities that are only too happy to take in newbies and help them learn the ropes.
    It's never been easier to make your own porn - and thousands of people all over the world have started doing just that. While some choose to experiment with it as a way of making a little extra cash, this is risky and difficult to get right - most people choose to keep their homemade movies to themselves, to enjoy on a future occasion or share with another partner. As with everything, honesty and consent are key when you're playing around with home movies and erotic film. Make sure everyone involved in the recording knows they're being recorded and has agreed to it, and make sure they additionally agree to anything you might go on to do with that recording - be it showing it to someone else or posting it online. If you don't get consent, you could be breaking the law as well as behaving like an asshole!