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Cuckolding is often viewed from the position of the cuckold, but that is only part of the equation. Every cuckolding group needs its bull. The sexually Dominant partner of the group, the bull can be any gender but is the one who's in charge of what's going on. Cuckold used to be an insult for a man who's wife had cheated on him - but no more! Cuckolding is a fun fetish which can have BDSM elements. Cuckolding is ideal for Dominants who enjoy group sex, and it can form a significant part of a polyamorous relationship. Who said that three's a crowd? They obviously haven't had any cuckolding fun!

What does cuckold bull mean?

 A bull is a Dominant partner in a cuckold scenario. They will orchestrate what happens based on negotiations discussed before the scene commences. The bull takes control in whatever way the group wants, that might involve BDSM and humiliation but will generally involve having sex with one partner while the other watches on.

What's it like to be cuckold bull for couples?

Every cuckold bull will have different experiences of what it's like. However, you can expect to be in control of scenes between you and the couple you're cuckolding. What you say goes! It's essential to consider what everyone wants and remember to negotiate beforehand, so everyone is comfortable with what happens.

Do you have to be a man to be a cuckold bull?

No, not at all. It has been that way in the past, but anyone can be a bull if they want to be. If you don't have a penis, you can use a strap on, and if creampies especially turn someone on, you can get dildos that ejaculate. So anyone who wants to can be a bull. Doesn't matter what genitalia you have!

How do you find a bull for a cuckold couple?

You're here at! Post in the forum to find out who else is into cuckolding. Check out people's profiles and see if any of them put cuckold bull as one of their fetishes and send them a message if you're interested.

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