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Not everyone who prefers their partners to be a little older than them is looking for a Hugh Hefner stereotype. Plenty of folk prefer their partner to have a little more experience than them, and there are loads of fetishes (such as Caregiver/little or Owner) that thrive off a bit of an age gap. The important thing is to make certain that, no matter what your sexual dynamic, in everyday life you're on the same level - power differentials are hot in kink terms and potentially abusive in everyday ones! Keep in constant communication, treat your partner as an equal outside of your dynamic and enjoy all the age gap relationships you could want.

I prefer my partners to be older than me, is that okay?

Of course it is! Age is merely a number but some people are really into age gap relationships with older sex partners. If you find older guys or gals sexy then embrace that. The fetish scene is a very accepting place and it’s not unusual to see large age gaps in play partners.

I’m a little, how do I find myself an older caregiver?

There are several ways to find yourself a partner. You could try adding a personal ad to fetish.com to find someone suitable for example or you could look up littles events in your area and go and meet some people and see if you hit it off with a caregiver.

If I only like older partners does that mean I’m into age play?

It kinda sounds like it but no. Age play is all about roleplaying as someone of a different age. If you’re attracted to older sex partners that in itself isn’t age play. There has to be an element of role playing someone of a different age for it to be age play.

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    Age play is increasingly popular in kink circles, and comes in many different forms. The best known is, paradoxically, probably also the rarest; while adult babies and people heavily invested in diaper play certainly do exist and have valid and varied sexual expression, roleplaying a generally childlike demeanour with an authoritative figure is far more common. 'Ageplay' is an umbrella term and it covers a wide variety of kinks and identities; anything that involves roleplaying an age difference between two partners comes under it, including dynamics where one person acts in a cutesy or youthful way without embodying any one specific age.
    It's very common for someone to fetishise the idea of sleeping with someone who is drastically different in age to themselves. This is usually associated with the Hugh Hefner stereotype, but there's no need for that to be the only way it's perceived; plenty of people prefer a partner with a little more experience, and that goes regardless of gender orientation or sexual identity! This is sometimes part of a kink, particularly if associated with something like DD/lg or other sexualised role plays, but for many it's simply a matter of to whom they tend to find themselves feeling attracted. A significant age gap can introduce an interesting power dynamic to any BDSM relationship, which many enthusiasts find is a fun added bonus!
    Sexual role play is a staple of pornography, but all kinds of folks love it out here in the real world too. Plenty of people find that certain things are sexier in imagination than they are in reality; non-consent fantasies are a classic example of this. Other role play ideas are fantasies involving certain stereotyped roles (police officers, schoolgirls, hot mysterious strangers). With role playing games, or RPG, you can explore these things in safety and in comfort, alongside someone who in reality you already know and trust.