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For most nudists, nudism and kink couldn't be further apart. The idea behind nudism isn't to sexualise nudity but to desexualise it; to make it an ordinary and freeing part of daily life. That doesn't mean, however, that nudity in and of itself isn't a fetish for many! A lot of BDSM clubs have areas in which people can be as naked as they like, and many club-goers find it not only a hot turn-on but also a liberating way to cut loose and relax. Of course, nudist venues are a stalwart of porn no matter how far that fantasy is from the truth! Just remember that while these scenes can be hot, they're not a good way to behave in real life--expecting a porn set is a good way to get yourself thrown out of a nudist beach or nude spa ASAP.

 What is nudism?

Nudism is choosing to be naked in social situations. People who enjoy this are called nudists or naturists and there isn’t anything inherently sexual about being a nudist.

Is nudism a fetish?

It can be but most naturists/and nudists don’t see it as a fetish. So if your kink includes being nude be sure you’re not upsetting anyone or breaking any community rules by indulging in your fetish.

Is it okay to have an erection at a nudist beach or club?

The general answer is no, nudist resorts are not generally sexual, they’re just clothing optional. If you want to enjoy sexual, naked fun you need to be at a specific fetish, swingers or kink events and venues.

Is it illegal to be naked outside?

If you’re on private property it’s okay to be naked, however if you’re overlooked and people complain about your naked shenanigans it can be a matter for the police. Being nude isn’t an offence in itself but you can be prosecuted for outraging public decency so it’s best to keep your naked fun to isolated places or designated, private, clothing optional areas.

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