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Sneak a peek at exhibitionists

For every exhibitionist who loves to be seen in sexual situations, there's a voyeur who likes to do the seeing. While traditionally associated with 'peeping toms' and violations of consent, that's not the case in the kink community - there are plenty of ways to get your voyeur on at sex clubs and fetish parties, all with the enthusiastic consent of everyone involved.

If you've never watched anyone else go at it before and you find yourself in one of these situations, it's well worth giving it a try; you might be surprised by how much it can turn you on!

Curious about voyeurism and want to know how to start?

If you’ve never actually been a voyeur but have always fancied it, why not try it out? Voyeurs crave watching other people have sex - the individuals in action don’t know you are there and you aren’t allowed to blow your cover and join in. It can be just as sexually frustrating as it is satisfying!

Voyeurism is a two-way street. If you find an exhibitionist, then you’re all set for fun times ahead. Many times you can satisfy your desires to peek through other people’s windows by engaging in some good old fashioned role play. Set up a scene with your consenting partner(s) and play the ‘peeping tom’. (Make sure your neighbours are cool!)

The catch 22 about voyeurism is it’s undeniably thrilling to do something you’re not supposed to do, on the other hand doing jail time, not so much. Fortunately, this fetish doesn’t have to stay in the closet…

Places for voyeurism

As mentioned before, the risk of getting caught isn't worth it - there are plenty of places to watch others getting down and dirty, without getting into trouble for it! If public sex is new territory for you, one way to ease into it is by going to a sex show. You can see people having sex live, and it’s a little like porn, only there aren't any pixels.

The most common places a voyeur can find satisfaction are at sex clubs or fetish parties. These are places where sex is bound to happen, typically with an exhibitionist flavour. Keep in mind that just because people are having sex in public doesn’t mean they want to be watched, so never assume it’s okay. If you see something heating up, go over and ask if it’s okay for you to watch. As long as everyone consents then enjoy the view!

I love being a voyeur is that okay?

Sure it is fine to be a voyeur if you use it in constructive and fun ways and everyone involved has given enthusiastic consent then you sit back and watch to your hearts content. However, if you feel your voyeurism negatively impacting your life then see a medical professional. As with any of these kind of fetishes, if it’s fun and enhances your life it’s a brilliant thing. If you ever feel it’s not fun anymore, it’s a compulsion or addiction, that’s the point to seek help.

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    Hi! My partner in both life and kink recently passed away after 30 satisfying and happy years together. As such, I am hoping to reexamine my horizons and circumstances by reconnecting with the greater kink community. While I'm hoping that this may lead to a LTR, I'm moving forward cautiously as I've already come across far too many fakes and scammers.

    I am looking for a situation involving sub female(s) that I can host for rough BDSM play; prefer subs with masochistic tendencies and desires. SORRY NO MALES unless you are part of a sub couple interested in developing a friendship.

    Me? I'm a 62 y/o Dom WM with a dry but dark sense of humor; 6'3" 185 HWP, professional, pierced nipples. College educated and although mature, very in touch with my inner child. I can transition from NPR to Bob’s Burgers without flinching nor being embarrassed about doing so. Music is a vital part of who I am as is humor. The ability to maintain a sense of humor without arrogance when it comes to BDSM play is, in my eyes, vitally important.

    I have an adaptive personality and consider myself as more of a Sir than a Master for numerous reasons. First, I am hoping that any connection would involve much more than just BDSM. I would hope to spend at least some time having conversations, going on outings including dinners, movies, theatre and some sports, traveling, "being" together. Secondly, I enjoy many romantic aspects of relationships, as I am more iso a "partner" in life rather than a 24/7 slave. I have to admit I enjoy input from others in many areas of life. Quite frankly, in public I come across as very Vanilla...

    ...But there is also the other part of my personality that craves a need to dominate my partner... I prefer administering hard spankings rather than "making love." I am not looking for someone squeamish but someone adventurous, who is intrigued by restraints and nipple clamps, wax play, blindfolds, latex, leather, spanking, breast & nipple play, needles/piercing, tight restraints, watching/ voyeurism, large objects and. . .? I switch on occasion if the chemistry is right and am open to CBT, pegging, sounding, and pretty much many of the other interests I’ve already outlined. In other words, I can take in what I dish out... I have a wide variety of gear to add to the total ambience… Anything from mild to wild, as I do have a bit of a sadistic streak… I'm not going to joke around and say I don't bite... I do. And hard!

    You? ...are sane and secure, clean and discrete. You are adventurous and curious and willing to accompany me to munches and play dungeons either locally or while traveling. Enjoy some curves, but sorry- no extreme overweight. Prefer mature but will consider any age or race with a willingness to test your limits and maintain creativity with a certain degree of humor and humility. LOVE tats, piercings, goth and am also open to switching to submit to others at times as well as noted. I have no desire to hookup with someone with extensive baggage, a drama queen, or who has refused to take their psychotropic medications in months... life is too short for that BS.

    Limits will be respected but tested; also receptive to sexting. Because of scam efforts and ulterior motives of some responses I have received, I am totally fine with meeting at a neutral location first in the general Milwaukee area. Or if you just prefer to dive right in, I can host... While I do drive, I have a vision issue that allows me to do so only during the day so I am ISO someone local or willing to drive to the Milwaukee area.

    If you are looking for pay for play or if you’re a “findom” seeking paypigs, move on… I have better things to spend my money on including partners that are actually interested in something more LT and stable, and who actually play instead of yanking chains rhetorically rather than literally... If you’re looking for someone to send you money or gift cards sight unseen, well… while I appreciate you’re thinking that I was born yesterday, I wasn’t…

    BDSM Play Partner30 to 70 years ● 50km around USA, Milwaukee 11 months ago

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