Striptease can be a huge turn on

Strippers and exotic dancers

Stripping in the professional sense is a huge industry, but on a more personal level, the reality is quite different. Performing a striptease for your partner can be an intimate and sensual experience for you both.

Make sure you stick to clothes you can slip out of easily and sensually. Slowly pulling down a zipper to reveal your cleavage can be one of the sexiest things imaginable--but fumbling around with a bra clip behind your back probably wouldn't be. To get some pointers, you can also visit a strip club together and get inspiration from professional strippers.

If you're going to try striptease with your partner, try to keep it lighthearted and be prepared to laugh at yourself. Your show will work much better if you aren't too nervous about it!

What is a striptease?

An erotic dance where the person moves sensually and removes their clothes to music. The sole purpose to arouse.

Striptease vs Strip. What's the difference?

A striptease is a routine, not necessarily practiced, to music to tempt and seduce at least one other person or maybe a crowd. When you strip it’s just taking off clothes.

How can you incorporate BDSM into a striptease?

You can use elements of control, where the Dom commands the sub to strip to music. You could use fetish wear in your dance, maybe incorporate chains or ropes too. You could also have the submissive tied down as the Dominant partner dances, strips and rubs against them. They have no way to touch or interact without being freed by the Dom first.

How do I perform a striptease for my partner?

Preparation is key. Decide on a song to dance to and an outfit to wear. Make sure the outfit is easy to take off. You could practise a dance, but don’t feel pressure to follow it step by step. It’s good to feel comfortable in what you’re doing. Don’t worry if you laugh, it’s good to laugh. Just be confident and your partner will love what you do.

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